The Eminence in Shadow Season 2

The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 New Trailer, Visual, Reveals for October 4

September 6, 2023

The second season of The Eminence in Shadow has a new key image, a trailer, and a release date of October 4. The brand-new trailer with the OxT song “grayscale dominator” as the theme.

The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 New Trailer, Visual
The Eminence in Shadow Season 2

New Cast:

Saori Hayami as Elizabeth
Miku Ito as 556

The Eminence in Shadow’s first season had a total of 20 episodes that were shown across two courses and debuted on October 5, 2022. It was directed by Kazuya Nakanishi at Studio Nexus. It is streaming on HIDIVE. HIDIVE will also stream season two of The Eminence in Shadow.

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Minoru Kagenou has been obsessed with strength for as long as he can remember, and as a result, he has put himself through countless hours of demanding training. However, Minoru makes every effort to blend in with the throng, thus this wish is not motivated by a desire to be seen by others. So, at night, armed with a crowbar, he brutally beats the neighborhood biker gangs while feigning to be an entirely normal student during the day. However, Minoru’s ambitions appear to abruptly come to an end when he is involved in a truck accident. He bemoans his helplessness in his dying days, saying that no matter how much he trained, there was nothing he could do to go over his human limitations.

However, instead of passing away, Minoru awakens in a different world where magic is widespread as Cid, the second child of the noble Kagenou family. As soon as he gained the authority he had been seeking, he adopted the alias “Shadow” and founded Shadow Garden, an organization whose main goal is to battle the mysterious Cult of Diablos, a creation of Cid’s. The Cult of Diablos is not as fictitious as Cid had imagined, yet Shadow Garden is expanding in terms of both membership and power.

Japanese author Daisuke Aizawa is the author of The Eminence in Shadow (Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!) light novel series. Since 2018, Enterbrain has begun serializing it with Tozai’s artwork. Additionally, Anri Skano created a manga adaption that is serialized in Kadokawa Shoten. Light novels and manga are both published in English by Yen Press. Volume 3 of the light novel will be adapted for the anime’s second season.

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