Naruto Delayed

New Naruto 20th Anniversary Anime Episodes Delayed Officially

August 29, 2023

Four new episodes of Naruto will be released to mark the 20th anniversary, the Naruto committee and Studio Pierrot said earlier this year. The first of these programs was supposed to air on September 3 and run for the following three weeks. The magic of Naruto was supposed to be relived in just a few days, but it doesn’t appear that will be the case. The next anime episodes have been confirmed to be postponed indefinitely by a statement from the Naruto team. Continue reading to find out why the upcoming Naruto 20th anniversary special anime has been delayed.

New Naruto 20th Anniversary Anime Episodes Delayed Officially

Naruto 20th Anniversary Anime Episodes Delayed Officially Due to Animation Quality

Every Naruto fan, including myself, got hurt deeply after learning the tragic news of the postponement. This unexpected announcement occurred as everyone eagerly anticipated the new Naruto anime marking the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

New Naruto 20th Anniversary Anime Episodes Delayed Officially

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The four upcoming episodes of Naruto have been delayed for the following reason: “We have decided to postpone the broadcast due to the further improvement of the quality of this work.”

It appears that the Naruto production team wasn’t happy with the final result of their labors. Given that they are making a comeback after more than six years, the production crew needs more time to give the audience wonderful, high-caliber episodes. It is also unknown at this time when the anime episodes celebrating Naruto’s 20th anniversary will now broadcast. Fans may be disappointed to hear this news, however in addition to their apologies, they have also stated that a recap of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ most memorable scenes will air beginning on September 3rd.

Masashi Kishimoto is the creator of the well-known anime and manga series “Naruto” in Japan. The main character is the teenage ninja Naruto Uzumaki, who aspires to be the best ninja and become the Hokage, the head of his community, the Hidden Leaf community (Konohagakure). The show is renowned for its intense action sequences, character growth, and examination of ideas like friendship, tenacity, and atonement.

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