Solo Leveling: Ragnarok

Solo Leveling: Ragnarok Released 105+ Chapters

October 7, 2023

Excitement abounds as the highly-anticipated Solo Leveling sequel, Solo Leveling: Ragnarok, has made its debut with a whopping 150 chapters. Fans are eagerly anticipating the thrilling adventures and surprises that await them in this new installment.

Solo Leveling: Ragnarok Released 105+ Chapters

Solo Leveling: Ragnarok has ignited fervent anticipation among fans with the introduction of its new protagonist, Sung Suho. As the son of the original series’ main character, Sung Jinwoo, fans are eagerly awaiting to witness Sung Suho’s character development and evolution throughout this latest installment.

Sung Suho The protagonist of Solo Leveling: Ragnarok

The highly-anticipated Solo Leveling: Ragnarok has captivated fans with the introduction of a new main character, Sung Suho, who happens to be the son of the beloved protagonist from the original series, Sung Jinwoo. Enthusiastic fans are eagerly anticipating Sung Suho’s character arc and growth in this new installment. In addition, the Solo Leveling franchise has another treat in store for fans worldwide with the upcoming release of its official anime later this year. Anticipation is running high as fans eagerly await this highly-anticipated adaptation, which is expected to be a massive hit among anime enthusiasts and Solo Leveling fans alike.

Solo Leveling: Ragnarok Story

The upcoming story of Solo Leveling: Ragnarok will center around Sung Su-Ho’s quest to unravel the mysteries of his own powers and those of his father. With his father having sealed his powers and memories, Su-Ho is expected to face challenges as he strives to understand their true nature. Fortunately, he will have the aid of the formidable shadow soldiers, including the loyal Beru and valiant Igris, who will be by his side to offer assistance and guidance on this journey of self-discovery.

Where to Read?

As of today, Solo Leveling: Ragnarok has been released in Korea, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the official English translation of this highly anticipated spin-off series. In the meantime, fans can enjoy the series in its original Korean language on the Kakao website. Stay tuned for updates on the English release as fans around the world eagerly await the opportunity to delve into the latest installment of this beloved series.

Solo Leveling is a popular Korean web novel written by Chugong. It was later adapted into a manhwa, or Korean comic, with art by Jang Sung-Rak. The story follows Sung Jin-Woo, a weak hunter who is suddenly granted immense power after completing a special quest in a mysterious dungeon. From there, he embarks on a journey to become the strongest hunter in the world and protect humanity from the dangers that lurk in the shadows. Solo Leveling also getting Anime Adaptation Next Year by Studio A1-pictures.

Initially released on Webtoon services in March 2018, the manhwa adaptation of Solo Leveling, with illustrations by DUBU, concluded in December 2021. Both the manhwa and original novel series are published in English by Yen Press.

The manhwa is published by Kadokawa in Japan under the title Ore Dake Level-Up na Ken (I’m the Only One Who Has Leveled Up), and the 11th volume is slated for release on March 23.

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