Solo Leveling Getting Live-Action K-Drama

October 7, 2023

Solo Leveling began as a straightforward manhwa, but the acclaim it received was unmatched. Solo Leveling succeeded in building a sizable fanbase for itself while competing with other successful manhwas like Lookism, Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, and other noteworthy works. The weakest hunter faces a threat in the manner of Sung Jinwoo, which demonstrates how valuable he can be.

Solo Leveling Getting Live-Action K-Drama
Solo Leveling

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A successful webtoon’s announcement of the animation, according to the French publication Linternaute, “took the world by storm.” Fans have been anticipating the chance to see Sung Jinwoo in action. Fortunately for them, Kwak Heaeun, the creative director for D&C Webtoon, had information that might undoubtedly improve the situation.

She claimed that the show would once more be adapted, this time as a Korean drama. Although there hasn’t been much publicity about it, she said it is unquestionably in the works. She added that fans will be able to access the Webtoon’s spinoff, Solo Leveling: Ragnarok, starting in 2024. The spin-off series centers on Sung Jinwoo’s son, who is on his own quest to uncover his father’s long-hidden abilities.

Why Live Action?

The live-action version that has also been revealed comes just before Solo Leveling’s debut in the realm of anime and is definitely the cherry on top. Given how many fans are already eagerly awaiting them, live-action adaptations have historically been a touchy subject. There are underlying pressures and expectations. However, when it comes to the same, things have been very different.

Things have been evolving, from The Last of Us to even the One Piece adaption. The value of source material has begun to increase, and people who appear in the films or television shows have begun to recognize its value as well. Given that live-action adaptations are not currently experiencing the same amount of failure as they once did, it is only fair that fan expectations increase in response to the introduction of the Webtoon.

Source: linternaute