Solo Leveling Anime Won’t be Following Original Manhwa

July 7, 2022

We already know the popular web novel Solo Leveling Confirmed to get an anime adaptation. But we saw some issues going about the anime getting adapted by Japanese animation studio A1-Pictures. Solo Leveling got backstabbed by Japanese people for begin “Anti Japan”. Because of that many Japanese don’t want the anime to get adapted by a Japanese studio.

Solo Leveling key visual

The official Website of Crunchyroll Reveals that Popular Web Manhwa Solo Leveling Will be Getting Anime Adaptation by A1-Pictures. Also, the first trailer and key visual were revealed in AnimeExpo 2022 in the USA.

Solo Leveling Anime Won’t be Following Original Manhwa?

As far as we know the anime won’t be following the original Manhwa or Korean Novel. it will cover the Japanese Solo Leveling Light Novel. Some of the Reddit User Already Point Out the Difference in trailers.

As you can see that Sung Jinwoo’s (MC) name changed to Japanese Light Novel Shun Mizushino. The fact that it’s already in two different names we can say the Anime will be different from what readers read in Manhwa. We still don’t know what will happen until a full trailer comes out.

So Question Now that whether A-1 Pictures will adapt the Japanese version of Solo Leveling or the original version? but by the looks of it, there might be two versions? we still can’t say.

what do you think about this change of events? will it affect the original readers? let us know in the comments below. Read More Japanese People Complain About Solo Leveling Anime For Being Anti Japan.

Source: Anime Time