Solo Leveling

Japanese People Complain About Solo Leveling Anime For Being Anti Japan

July 6, 2022

The official Website of Crunchyroll Reveals that Popular Web Manhwa Solo Leveling Will be Getting Anime Adaptation by A1-Pictures. Also, the first trailer and key visual were revealed in AnimeExpo 2022 in the USA.

Solo Leveling Key Visual

But Some Japanese People Start Complaining About the Anime Getting Animated in Japanese Studio. They Said:

I’ve never read Solo Leveling but one thing that is known is that the story doesn’t show the Japanese in a pleasant way, I don’t know exactly the details but I found articles on some sites talking about it.

One even said that upon being officially published in Japan, the Solo Leveling novel had to be modified to avoid problems with the public. So imagine the reaction of some Japanese people to see an “anti-Japanese” title being animated by a Japanese studio?

Even Some People in Online Said, “I’m disappointedand What’s their intention to animate this in Japan?”.

An angry fan says, “Nidome no Jinsei wo Isekai de has been canceled but I can’t understand why anti-Japanese works are allowed.” Another fan hopes the anime will censor these “anti-Japanese elements” of Solo Leveling.

“A Japanese animation company animating a Korean manga, with anti-Japanese descriptions, ask the original author, why did he allow you to have an anime produced by a company in a country he doesn’t like?”

There is many more Complain About the Anime Begin Animated in Japan. the People Who Already Read the Manhwa Know that there is some part that looks “anti-japan”. But as far as we know the Japanese people do not take this lightly. We know that Japan and Korea have a bad past.

But what do you think will this issue hit the anime production in anyways? and will Japanese people take it lightly? lets us know your thought in the comment below.

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Source: Otakomu, yaraon