Fate/Grand Order - Memorial Movie 2023 Music Video Trailer Revealed

Fate/Grand Order – Memorial Movie 2023 Music Video Trailer Revealed

August 4, 2023

The Fate/Grand Order mobile game has just unveiled its highly anticipated Memorial Movie 2023 animated trailer on YouTube. The video features exclusive footage, some of which was teased in the previously released Beyond the Tale shorts.

Fate/Grand Order – Memorial Movie 2023

At the heart of the Beyond the Tale project is this captivating animated video, accompanied by Hannah Hope’s mesmerizing song “Flowers.”

Shuu Hiromatsu, the talented animator behind Chainsaw Man’s fifth ending animation and Dawang Raoming’s opening sequence, took over the storyboard and unit direction of Memorial Movie 2023. Original animation production credits go to Cloverworks, while Big Firebird Cultural Media Co. Ltd. has been recognized as a production consultant, making significant contributions to video production.

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To explore beyond the tale” The characters who appear in “Fate/Grand Order” are heroes from myth and legend, and your encounters with these Servants weave an entirely new tale. “Myth and legend merge into a tale of your own.

Fate/Grand Order was initially launched in Japan in 2015 and in the United States in 2017. As a significant part of the Fate franchise and the Nasuverse, it has spawned several manga, light novel, and anime adaptations. Impressively, last month’s report revealed that the mobile RPG has achieved over 28 million downloads in its home country alone.

Source: Youtube