9anime.to Domain Officially Shut Down

9anime.to Domain Officially Shut Down

August 4, 2023

In a surprising turn of events, 9anime.to, one of the world’s leading piracy websites, has suddenly rebranded and emerged as Aniwave.to. This unexpected change surprised millions of users of the site. While operators claim the decision to switch to Aniwave.to was prompted by concerns over site-blocking efforts and DMCA issues, some speculate there may be more to the story.

9anime.to Domain Officially Shut Down

In the past, piracy primarily revolved around music, but with the expansion of broadband capacity, movies and TV series gradually took over and remain the most sought-after content today. Among the various forms of video piracy, anime has emerged as a significant traffic magnet. Numerous piracy platforms are now dedicated exclusively to anime content, with some of the largest attracting millions of pageviews daily.

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One such anime piracy giant is 9anime, which debuted in 2016 and has enjoyed considerable success ever since. According to SimilarWeb’s latest estimates, the site boasts an impressive 110 million monthly visits, cementing its position as a prominent player in anime streaming piracy.

Why 9anime.to rebrand to AniWave?

Initially, 9anime appeared resilient to legal pressure, but recent developments indicate that enforcement efforts are beginning to take a toll on the site. The Admin Team Said,

“Because of DMCA issues and multiple ISPs blocking our domain, we decided to rebrand 9anime as Aniwave. All of 9anime domains will be redirected to our new domain aniwave.to,”

In response to these challenges, 9anime made an important decision, moving all backup domains to Aniwave.to, effectively abandon its old brand.

While changing domains can temporarily avoid ISP blocks and potentially avoid Google’s DMCA-related downranking, achieving the same results can be accomplished by adopting a new domain with a similar branding approach.

Interestingly, 9anime opted for a complete rebranding strategy, which may prove confusing to its users, especially with the existence of many fake 9anime clones still operating.

In light of these changes, users should exercise caution and verify the authenticity of the new platform, Aniwave.to, to ensure a safe and legitimate streaming experience. The admin team also said,

“There are many clone/fake 9anime sites, they’re mostly stealing your data and trying to steal 9anime’s users,”

Source: 9animetwitter