WIND BREAKER Anime to Premiere in April 2024!!

November 8, 2023

The manga series “WIND BREAKER“, capitalized to emphasize its unique title, is a creation of the distinguished Japanese artist Satoru Nii. This graphic tale first made its appearance on the digital scene via Kōdansha’s Magazine Pocket platform, marking its debut on January 13, 2021. To date, the story has been solidified into a collection of thirteen tankōbon volumes, which faithfully capture the essence and evolution of the plot.

The anticipation for “WIND BREAKER” reached new heights with the announcement on March 30, 2023, that the series would make a significant leap from the printed pages to the dynamic world of anime. Produced by CloverWorks, the series is gearing up to capture the viewers’ imagination with its anticipated premiere in April 2024.

WIND BREAKER” has transcended borders, reaching readers around the globe thanks to Kodansha USA, which secured the rights to distribute the series in English in digital format in March 2022. During Anime NYC 2022, the eagerly awaited arrival of the English print editions was announced, expected in the fall of 2023.

The acclaim of “WIND BREAKER” was further solidified when it ranked twentieth in the 2021 Next Manhwa Awards in the web manhwa category and captured fans’ hearts at AnimeJapan 2022, where it was ranked as the ninth most anticipated manga for anime adaptation. By March 2022, the series had sold over 1.22 million copies, combining digital and print versions, a clear testament to its popularity and acceptance.

About the Plot:

For those new to this cultural sensation, “WIND BREAKER” follows Haruka Sakura, a young man with a distinctive appearance: bicolor hair and eyes that command respect from those around him. His story unfolds at Fûrin High School, a place notorious for intense student battles. In this setting, Haruka stands as a pillar of order, confronting violence and serving as a ‘windbreaker’ against social storms.

Compared to action-packed shonen mangas like “Tokyo Revengers“, “WIND BREAKER” offers a vibrant narrative, dotted with conflicts and gang confrontations. This manga not only ensures entertainment but also stands as a worthy successor to other great series that are approaching their climax.

In an effort to reach a global audience, the series has also been licensed for publication in multiple languages across Europe and Asia. Renowned publishers in France, Germany, and South Korea have begun translating and distributing volumes, allowing manga enthusiasts in these regions to enjoy “WIND BREAKER” in their local language. With special editions featuring alternate cover art and exclusive extras, the series is establishing an impressive international reach.

This is one of those cases where you surely know what we’re talking about beforehand, but whether you do or not, tell us: are you looking forward to the premiere of “WIND BREAKER” in 2024? Come on, share your thoughts, we’re reading!

Images Source: Crunchyroll News Official Site, Youtube.