Why Metamorphosis Manga Makes Weebs Depressed

August 11, 2022

If you watch anime maybe at some point, You Heard or Saw 177013 Code. 177013 a nhen.i Code for Manga Metamorphosis. So why Metamorphosis Manga Makes People Depressed? we tried to make a full story review.

Why Metamorphosis Manga Makes Weeb Depressed

What is Metamorphosis?

Metamorphosis (Henshin), also known as Emergence, is a 2013 hentai manga. Metamorphosis is a hentai manga written by American-Japanese mangaka Shindo L. and Published between 2013 and 2016.

You Can Read The Manga Here: Link or Link

Who is Saki Yoshida?

Saki Yoshida is a student at Rabbit School and is a recurring character. In her past look, Saki had black hair with two braids, a Japanese seifuku, and glasses. Currently, Saki is a beautiful young woman with fair skin, blue eyes and beautiful long black hair.

Why Metamorphosis Manga Makes Weeb Depressed

Saki is a friendless, lonely girl who looks down upon the popular girls, saying that she’ll never be like them but when she starts a new school and changes her looks her life took a turn for the worst.

Story and Plot

Saki Yoshida, a first-year high school student with no social life decides to change after graduating from middle school by getting a makeover. On her first day of high school, she makes two friends and spends time with them after school. After parting ways, she goes to a convenience store, when she encounters a man who compliments her appearance and invites her to a karaoke box. In the karaoke box, he gives Saki alcohol and dr.gs and rap.s her, lying to her that he is only doing it because he loves her. After rap.ing her, he puts his cell phone number in her phone. On her way home after regaining consciousness, she receives a message from the man revealing his name to be Hayato. The two start dating, where she quickly gets addicted to having segs while on dr.gs.

Back at school while chatting with her peers, when she lets slip that she is not as well off as she appears, a school acquaintance recommends compensated dating. Saki accepts, and at the weekend she takes an appointment with an older man named Kumagai. After having dinner with Kumagai, she is driven to a hotel where she is paid cash for segs with him. Ridden with guilt, she comes home late and breaks down, with her mother reassuring her that she will always be on her daughter’s side.


At school, Saki is approached by some male students who show her a photo of her with Kumagai. They then blackmail her for segsual favors. Saki’s father is laid off, and afterward drinks heavily and then rap.s his daughter in her room. Her mother finds out about the r.pe from the perspective of the father, who has spun the story to imply that Saki seduced him. Betraying her earlier promise, Saki’s mother does not allow her to explain herself and beats her. In response, Saki runs away from home.

Having lost her home, Saki drops out of high school and pursues a life with Hayato, who has accumulated eight million yen in debt at a local heroin bar. She vows to help pay back the debt to the bar owner, Mr. Obata, who threatens to kill Hayato if he does not repay. She does not have the money to pay upfront, and bar patrons seize the opportunity to pay her for segs work so that she may make up the difference. She is then pierced and tattooed by Hayato.

Saki, who now has the appearance of a gyaru, becomes pregnant after various segs.ual encounters. Hayato convinces her to abort the baby, and she soon finds herself returning to Kumagai, who, unimpressed with her body modifications, forces her to do increasingly degrading things to make the money she needs.

Mr. Obata sexually assaults Saki with other workers at the bar and injects heroin into her to make her more compliant. She quickly develops an addiction, and begins to forget about paying off Hayato’s debt in favour of buying dr.gs. When Saki is robbed and Hayato only finds dr.gs in her wallet, he becomes enraged, abandoning her and leaving her homeless.

Found by other homeless people in a public park, she is rap.d while under the influence. The following day, Saki realizes she is pregnant again and decides to carry the baby to term, vowing to quit dr.gs and change for the better in the process. She continues her prostitution for money, at the expense of her baby’s well-being. Now in constant pain, she resumes her heroin use.

Saki builds up some savings to help with the cost of her unborn child, which she stores in a duffel bag in a public coin locker. She runs into her former classmates, who assume that the money is stolen, not believing that Saki could have earned so much money on her own. They r.pe her with various objects and beat her stomach, intending to k.ll the baby. She stumbles into a public bathroom, bleeding profusely, and looks at herself in the mirror. Horrified at the person she’s become, she shatters the mirror, and presumably commits suicide by ingesting her entire remaining volume of heroin. The story ends with a glimpse at what Saki’s future life may have looked like had she been able to carry the baby to term, followed by a shot of Saki’s glasses laying on the bathroom floor among drops of blood.

You Can Read The Manga Here: Link or Link


Reviewers have described Metamorphosis as highly depressing and disturbing to read, albeit while also praising the storyline and editorial quality. One reviewer was more critical, criticizing the s.x scenes for seemingly serving no purpose except to be transgressive, and questioned the value of the work, failing to see any underlying message or moral.

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In Social Media We often see Many People Making New Memes About Metamorphosis. Most People got Depressed after seeing the Memes. But Some Bait New Manga Reader By Saying ‘Good Manga you must Read it.’ We know there are two types of people when it comes to nhent.i Mangas. Some Love Depressed stuff and some hate the fact about begin Depressed Manga and Bad Ending.

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