We’re Getting a “Kaiju No.8” Game!!

June 19, 2024

Following the impressive success of “Kaiju No.8,” it was inevitable to imagine that it would extend to other areas. With that said, we are happy to share with you the official announcement of the release of the “Kaiju No.8video game, the stunning action game that will be available for mobile devices and PCs from Akatsuki Games, Toho Games, and Production I.G., who have decided to show a first trailer of this project that is obviously still in development. In this video, which you can appreciate just below these lines, you can see the great Kaijus from the series, as well as our beloved protagonist, in addition to other characters, all modeled with high quality, which can only generate great hype among fans of this series, whose first season is still being broadcast.

Source: 怪獣8号 THE GAME【公式】(Kaiju No.8 THE GAME) Official YouTube Channel

In this trailer, we can observe, not just a game, but a large-scale project that presents itself with high-quality modeling in terms of characters and scenarios, and as mentioned, it comes to us from the companies Toho Games, Akatsuki Games, and Production I.G., who already have important previous productions in their respective resumes, and have also created and disseminated an official website for the project, obviously intending to keep fans in suspense.

Regarding technical aspects, no detailed information about the game has been given, as, as we said, it is still in development. Nothing has been revealed about its possible release date or available languages either. The only thing that has officially been stated is its target platforms (at least initially), PCs and mobile devices. From the trailer, it is implied that it will have high-quality graphics and will narrate the story that we have been able to enjoy through the anime, surely falling within the category of action games.

High Expectations

Considering its origin, can we ensure that the “Kaiju No.8video game will be among the best at the time of its launch?

Well… Maybe we’re not experts on the subject, but it’s undoubtedly a reality that has the necessary bases to become one of those games that you must play, one of those essential titles. As we have seen before, for example, in franchises like “Jujutsu Kaisen”, whose game “Jujutsu Kaisen: Cursed Clash” reached a market that was already prepared to receive it, and in fact, eager for its arrival, in the case of “Kaiju No.8 THE GAME” (which seems to be the official name), we can see something similar. The title arrives just nudging other heavy titles, making its own place, stepping on a path paved with the success of its originating anime and manga. It arrives stepping strong, but having big shoes to fill, in terms of expectations.

In fact, its predecessor anime has managed to remain among the top spots in various weekly rankings conducted on the most important pages of media related to anime, and the manga, on the other hand, boasts nothing less than over 13,000,000 copies in circulation! Not bad, huh? If you haven’t done so before, you can take a look at our articles about the anime, by clicking HERE, HERE, or HERE.

Synopsis of “Kaiju No.8”

The plot of “Kaiju No. 8” positions us in a Japan constantly invaded by creatures called “kaiju” (kaijuu), monsters of various shapes and sizes, predominantly large, that cause catastrophes and wreak havoc wherever they go. They are in fact the reason for the existence of the “Defense Corps,” an armed group whose function is to annihilate the kaiju as soon as they arrive in the cities, and the “Monster Sweeper,” a cleaning service that takes care of the remains of the kaiju corpses, once the Defense Corps has dealt with them.

At 32 years old, Kafka Hibino is one of the Monster Sweeper officials, who once aspired to join the Defense Corps. He had even made a promise with his childhood friend to enter the group and fight together, but over the years, he lost his hope.

One day, Kafka‘s life turns around when a new guy, Reno Ichikawa, arrives intending to gain experience with kaijuus by working at Monster Sweeper, to eventually join the Defense Corps. Reno motivates Kafka to try for his dream again, and fulfill his promise, but unfortunately, they are attacked by a residual kaiju, ending up in the hospital. At a certain moment, a small, flying kaijuu enters Kafka‘s body through his mouth, giving him the ability to transform into a kaijuu. From that moment, Kafka, who has become publicly known in his kaijuu form as “Kaiju No. 8” (for being the eighth kaijuu to appear that year), must avoid revealing his identity at all costs if he wants to fulfill his dream and keep his promise.

So, there’s no need to tell us whether you are a fan or not of this franchise, the truth is that you will undoubtedly be eager to see and enjoy firsthand the launch of “Kaiju No.8 THE GAME,” because we certainly will be! And what do you think if now you head over to the comments and leave us your impressions about this juicy trailer? You know, gamer, we’ll be reading! 🙂

Images Source: 怪獣8号 THE GAME【公式】(Kaiju No.8 THE GAME) Official YouTube Channel, ANIME TIME MEDIA