Welcome Back, Alice Manga Ends On August 9

Welcome Back, Alice Manga Ends On August 9

July 7, 2023

In the upcoming August issue of Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine, it was announced that Shūzō Oshimi’s manga “Welcome Back, Alice” (Okaeri Alice) will conclude with the magazine’s next issue on August 9. The manga reached its climax in April earlier this year.

Welcome Back, Alice Manga Ends On August 9


The story revolves around three childhood friends, Yohei, Kei, and Yui, who are reunited in high school. What appeared to be a straightforward love triangle between two boys and a girl takes an unexpected turn when Kei shows up looking and dressed like a girl. Suddenly, Yohei is thrown into a maelstrom as he struggles between his infatuation with Yui and his lust for Kei. In this story of adolescent awakening, perversion, and love, Oshimi takes a bold approach and sets out to explore the boundaries of gender, sexuality, and identity.

Oshimi began serializing “Welcome Back, Alice” in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine in April 2020. The sixth volume of the manga was published by Kodansha on April 7, while the seventh and final volume is scheduled for release on October 6. Kodansha USA Publishing released the fourth volume on January 17.

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Oshimi is also known for his work on “The Flowers of Evil” manga, which was published in English by Vertical. The manga served as the inspiration for a television anime series in 2013 and a live-action film that premiered in September 2019. Oshimi’s “Inside Mari” manga was adapted into a live-action series in March 2017, and his “Drifting Net Café” manga received a live-action series adaptation in 2009. Additionally, his “Sweet Poolside” manga was adapted into a live-action film in 2014.

In February 2015, Oshimi launched the manga “Happiness” in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine, concluding the series in March 2019. Kodansha USA Publishing is currently releasing the English version of the manga. Vertical is also publishing Oshimi’s “Blood on the Tracks” manga.

Furthermore, Oshimi’s “Shino Can’t Say Her Name” (Shino-chan wa Jibun no Namae ga Ienai) manga is being released by manga publisher Denpa. The manga inspired a live-action film that premiered in Japan in July 2018. Denpa has also published Oshimi’s “Miss Kusakabe” manga.

Source: Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine August issue, ANN