Top 10 Underrated Slice Of Life Anime 2022

August 27, 2022

Slice-of-life has a tonne of legendary shows, just like any genre, and newbies frequently recommend them. Due to this, some excellent works frequently receive less attention despite being on par with or even superior to the more well-known programs. Despite being a little less well-known, these slice-of-life anime are on par with anything you’ll find in the genre. So We made a great list of Top 10 Underrated Slice Of Life Anime 2022:

Number: 10
Kokoro Connect

Top 10 Underrated Slice Of Life Anime 2022

Despite not being as laid back as some other anime on our list, Kokoro Connect effectively utilises its school setting and slice-of-life aspects. The show centers on a group of students who mysteriously acquire extraordinary talents and begin experiencing various paranormal experiences in relation to one another. The group learns more about one another’s darkest secrets as the episode develops and they attempt to determine the origin of their newfound abilities. Compared to other slice-of-life games, Kokoro Connect has a greater emphasis on drama and romance, which is a refreshing change of pace for lovers of the genre.

Number: 09
School Babysitters

Top 10 Underrated Slice Of Life Anime 2022

The school setting is a common theme in slice-of-life anime, including School Babysitters. But in order to set itself apart from the vast number of other titles in the genre that do the same, it adds its own special touch. The two brothers Ryuichi, a high school student, and Kotaro, a preschooler, who are adopted by the head of a reputable school after their parents pass away are the subject of the show. The older brother helps out with the school’s daycare while balancing his schoolwork, and this is only permitted if the two brothers enrol in the school.

Number: 08
Seitokai Yakuindomo

Top 10 Underrated Slice Of Life Anime 2022

Even though Seitokai Yakuindomo has a coarse comedy approach, it excels at what it does. The show is about a school that was once exclusively for girls but has since become coed. The members of the school’s student council choose Takatoshi Tsuda, a male student,

at random to be their vice president in order to include a fresh perspective from the student body. While dealing with the strange student council members and their eccentric personalities, Tsuda must adjust to his new school’s atmosphere. Seitokai Yakuindomo’s primary function is as a pure comic experience with little to no narrative. Yet it provides viewers with a tonne of hilarious moments to enjoy.

Number: 07
March comes in like a Lion

Top 10 Underrated Slice Of Life Anime 2022

There aren’t many anime that concentrate on shogi, but that isn’t what makes March Comes Like a Lion stand out. The show centers on young shogi prodigy Rei Kiriyama,

who leaves the house of his adoptive family to find independence and flee the various constraints he is under. The three Kawamoto sisters, who are coping with their own previous traumas,

form a special familial tie with Rei in March Comes In Like a Lion. Both Rei’s existence as a shogi player and the relationship he has with the three sisters are handled in the show in a particularly skillful manner.

Number: 06

Top 10 Underrated Slice Of Life Anime 2022

There is much more to School-Live! than what is immediately apparent. It may initially seem like your typical slice-of-life anime. More lighthearted than what actually transpires is suggested by the environment and character designs. The girls in the show, together with their instructor, live in their school, which is the subject of the show. When the audience finds out that the girls are hiding out during a zombie apocalypse, the initially harmless façade quickly turns into a survival tale.

Number: 05
Urusei Yatsura

Top 10 Underrated Slice Of Life Anime 2022

Despite being the most renowned and established series on this list, Urusei Yatsura doesn’t receive as much attention as it ought to given the competition it faces today. Ataru Moroboshi, who is chosen at random to represent Earth in a contest for its freedom after an extraterrestrial invasion,

is the main character of the television series. Ataru competes against the extraterrestrial Princess Lum, who she ends up defeating and piques Lum’s curiosity by winning the contest by accident.

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Number: 04
Azumanga Daioh

Top 10 Underrated Slice Of Life Anime 2022

When considering comedic slice-of-life anime, the most frequently mentioned series are Daily Lives of High School Boys and Nichijou, however, Azumanga Daioh may surpass both. Azumanga Daioh does surrealist comedy as well as Nichijou and Daily Lives. Six kids and two teachers are followed throughout the six-part series, which is set in an undisclosed high school. Some of the funniest anime comic situations are created by the way the program plays with the chemistry between the characters.

Number: 03
Interviews with Monster Girls

Top 10 Underrated Slice Of Life Anime 2022

In order to provide their viewers a completely unique experience, anime frequently incorporates aspects from different genres into their structure. Although there are several anime that include scenes of monsters interacting with people, Interviews with Monster Girls particularly stands out among the crowd in how it handles the topic. In the setting of the television show, demi-humans have gradually assimilated into the world of college students.

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Number: 02
Tamako Market

Top 10 Underrated Slice Of Life Anime 2022

Tamako Market is the only anime on this list that isn’t based on a manga or light novel, and it’s one of the many excellent anime directed by the amazing Kyoto Animation. This series follows the titular Tamako, who one day encounters a talking bird claiming to be looking for a possible bride for his country’s prince. After stuffing himself with mochi and gaining weight, the bird winds up freeloading at Tamako’s house, and Tamako has a number of hardships over the period that follows.

Number: 01
Himouto! Umaru-chan

Top 10 Underrated Slice Of Life Anime 2022

However, Himouto! is one of very few anime that features characters having double lives. Things are changed significantly by Umaru-chan. The main character of the show is Umara, who although appearing to be the ideal student has a few secrets she’d rather keep hidden. When she gets home from school, Umaru, who is normally calm, collected, and focused, becomes a slacker who spends her whole spare time eating snacks, watching anime, and playing video games till the wee hours of the morning. Umaru’s domestic attitude concerns her older brother Taihei, as seen by a rough, chibi character design.

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