Top 10 Gang Manga You Must Read 2022

July 4, 2022

We adore anime with criminal characters, whether they are heroes, villains, or a mix of the two. Particularly when they join together and operate as a team. From the bottom grunt’s inner psychological workings to the bureaucratic procedures that hang over the gang’s activities. All of it is in anime. Here, we’re looking at some ethically dubious and obnoxiously hyped anime that are all centered on yakuza members and wild gang manga. Hold on, people! Top 10 Gang Manga You Must Read 2022.

Top 10 Gang Manga:

Number 10
Tokyo Revengers

Top 10 Gang Manga

Life for Takemichi Hanagaki is at its lowest point ever. When he thought things couldn’t get much worse, he learns that his ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, was killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang, a gang of heinous criminals who had been upsetting society’s tranquillity for a while. Takemichi, who is wondering what went wrong, finds himself going through the time and ends up 12 years in the past, when he was still dating Hinata. Takemichi decides to join the Tokyo Manji Gang and go up the ranks in order to change history and spare Hinata from her tragic fate after realizing he has a chance to save her.
A train engine named Tokyo Revengers prefers the journey to the goal, picks random paths at crossings, and accelerates gently. Recommended for those who enjoy bad dudes, asskicking, and having their world turned upside down on a regular basis.

Volumes: Still Publishing
Chapters: Still Publishing
Genre: Action, Delinquents, Time Travel
Author: Ken Wakui

Number 9

Top 10 Gang Manga

With a background full of drip like GTA San Andreas, the manga follows Misaki Hayato. He returns to his hometown where his childhood friends go to the same school, where everything is seemingly normal. That is, until Misaki’s arrival changes everything for him, his friends and the school. Misaki Hayato’s journey is one of loyalty and growth with these vagabonds.
Reading this manga is a lot of fun. Despite the fact that the method for generating stories was extremely predictable, I never once felt that it was becoming dull or stale. Even though there wasn’t much choreography and the bouts mostly consisted of a slugfest and attrition with a dash of camaraderie, they were nonetheless fantastic. I like the comedy, and the primary cast’s character growth made me care about the characters. I grew to care for the side characters even with their minor developments. When Misaki beats up dudes in the great manga, you become very pumped up.

Volumes: 43
Chapters: 401
Genre: Action, Comedy
Author: Hirikawa & Tetsuhro (story and art)

Number 8
Wild Adapter

Top 10 Gang Manga

Makoto Kubota is a calm, collected member of the Izumo gang, content with the life of Mahjong and Yakuza wars. He is called to dispatch a current Izumo Youth Gang member suspected of being a spy for the rival Tojo Gang. Now head of the youth’s subdivision, we follow Makoto as he meets a stray Minoru Tokito who later discovers a drug named the Wild Adaptor.
The art in Wild Adapter is incredibly polished. When compared to Saiyuki, Minekura’s other significant work, it is exceptionally fast-paced and closely linked. Saiyuki is expansive, but Wild Adapter is small and focused. In contrast to Saiyuki, which has a sizable cast of characters who may or may not return, Wild Adapter focuses on a small number of primary characters who grow dynamic as a result of playing various parts throughout the plot. It’s gritty and genuine, powerful like a gut punch.

Volumes: 7 (on hiatus)
Chapters: 52
Genre: Action, Boys Love, Comedy
Author: Minekura Kazuya

Number 7

Top 10 Gang Manga

Fresh from out of town, we meet a boy named Hana Tsukishima. While chance encounters to minding his own business eating an onigiri, he meets his new roommates who happens to be in a gang. Hana Tsukishima may be a bald guy, but don’t let his outward or cheerful demeanour fool you, as we take a look at his journey to be the strongest man in a dog eat dog world with a school of thugs.
Overall, I think this comic is pretty fantastic, and I don’t even think you need to be a fan of fighting manga to enjoy it. Knowing this will help you enjoy reading Worst even more because you will recognize some of the characters (but it won’t hurt readers who haven’t read Crows at all).

Volumes: 33
Chapters: 131
Genre: Action, Comedy
Author: Takahoshi Hiroshi

Number 6

Top 10 Gang Manga

We follow a rise in the crime scene in Shinjuku, Japan. Tatsumi Karasawa makes a deal to Itami Trading Companies owner in exchange for some serious cash in the millions. Tatsumi takes Kim who was a previous employee of a Host Club to retrieve some severance pay. But Tatsumi has more in mind than severance pay, to take over the town full of top-notch gangs. We then follow Tatsumi’s rise in notoriety within two years of the host club with a Yakuza boss wanting him dead
Gut punching and graphically edgy, this manga will bite down and have you unable to resist it’s grasp!
A Japanese adaptation of The Sopranos or Martin Scorsese’s movies, Heat is a true story about organized crime. This manga dwells on the parts of the key characters, detailing what has led them down the path of organized crime, even though it is once again the focus of action and numerous intrigues. The unmatched quality of Ryoichi Ikegami, one of the best Japanese designers, continues to magnify everything. Ignoring such a series without a pun would be mistaken.

Volumes: 17
Chapters: 134
Genre: Action, Drama
Author: Ikegami Ryoichi (Art) Buronson (Story)

Number 5

Top 10 Gang Manga

Koichi Kawato is the new Japanese instructor at the notorious Futakotamagawa High School, where the baseball team is made up of bullies and thugs who have been barred from competing for a year due to starting a fight during a scheduled game. Until they realize that baseball is what they genuinely love doing, the club members Kawato has left are just interested in women, smoking, and doing nothing worthwhile, according to the newly appointed teacher. They learn from Kawato that they should pursue their goals, and for them, that goal has always been to compete in the national high school tournament finals in Koshien (Hyogo prefecture). However, they will face numerous challenges on their journey to Koshien.
Overall, Rookies is both remarkable and inspiring, which says a lot. There is never a dull moment between exercise, games, discussions on interpersonal relationships and education, as well as literary quotations and outright innocence, much like Kawato’s teaching. After reading that, I couldn’t help but feel optimistic—both for the future and for other people—because anyone can be a good person—even the most rogue of offenders.

Volumes: 24
Chapters: 233
Genre: Action, Comedy
Author: Masanori Morita

Number 4

Top 10 Gang Manga

A political and gangster promise started between our two main characters Akira Houjou and Chiaki Asami as they play their cards into creating a better Japan. With goals to create a Sanctuary for the new Japan. Both Houjou and Asami have the same goals, but varying and complicated routes involving both the Yakuza and Japans political Diet
Classical a complicated like Noir films, this is a must-read for die-hard fans looking into the connections of the Yakuza!
Do read this manga if you’re considering it. Take your time reading each page and have fun while doing so. You’ll feel the ending much more strongly as a result.

Volumes: 12
Chapters: 108
Genre: Drama, Suspense
Author: Ikegami Ryoichi (Art) Buronson (story)

Number 3

Top 10 Gang Manga

A yakuza boss named Kuroda of the Kuroda Ikka is the great-grandfather of Kumiko Yamaguchi. Since her grandfather had no other heirs and her parents passed away when she was seven years old, Kumiko is the next in line to lead the family business under the title of “oj” (, “young woman”). Her longtime ambition has been to become a teacher, though. While her grandfather supports her decision, other family members want her to take over as the new boss. At an all-boys private high school, Kumiko takes on the role of home teacher for mathematics for class 4-2 and is referred to as “Yankumi.” Despite the fact that her class is full of miscreants, she makes an effort to teach them life lessons in addition to academic subjects.
These two will be combined since they have a lot in common. I really enjoyed Gokusen; it’s a great josei manga. Shin and Yankumi have one of the best student-teacher relationships out there, despite the fact that their romance is underplayed. Although the art is not among the best I’ve ever seen, I have to award Gokusen an 8 because the plot is intriguing and unforgettable.

Volumes: 156
Chapters: 15
Genre: Delinquents, Organized Crime, School, Workplace
Author: Kozueko Morimoto

Number 2

Top 10 Gang Manga

A high school delinquent named Harumichi Bouya who thinks with his fists more than his brain is dragged into Suzuran High School’s cutthroat fights. Bouya must fight his way through the school dubbed ‘crows’ and make his way to the top.
It’s fascinating how “Crows” doesn’t attempt to be complex but still manages to have those moments. The story may come across as goofy, but in the grand scheme of things, it works rather well. The author delivers on his promise to create a compelling manga for criminals. There isn’t much to say about this piece of work; it is consistent, all storylines are well-structured, the combat scenes are well-done and fair, the protagonist has motivations and is very endearing, the drama is not complicated to understand, and, as I already stated, it works and fulfills its promises. It’s unquestionably my favourite delinquent manga because of the characters—almost all of them are pretty endearing.

Volumes: 26
Chapters: 98
Genre: Action, Delinquents
Author: Takahashi & Hiroshi

Number 1

Top 10 Gang Manga

Inspired by Kouji Mori’s friend during his teens, Kentaro Miura(Berserk), we follow a loner named Yuu who seems to have no place in society. From dog to big dog, we see Yuu developing his fists as well as the self in an unforgiving and Underdark society. A must-read for the underdog and to feel development into a sense of self.
This manga is a must-read if you enjoy psychological fiction and are ok with violence performed for entertainment purposes. If not, and you’re more interested in MA, just give it a shot; you might be in for a pleasant surprise. For once, the movements are depicted realistically. I loved almost everything about it, and I think everyone should read this manga, especially if they enjoy seinen-style manga. Overall, this manga is fantastic, thus I highly recommend reading it.

Volumes: 18
Chapters: 182
Genre: Action, Psychological
Author: Mori Kouji

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