“Tasokare Hotel” Game to Get Anime Adaptation

June 27, 2024

This past Monday marked the launch of a new website dedicated to announcing that the mobile gameTasokare Hotel” will soon receive an animated adaptation, which will be produced by Studio PRA, and is set to premiere on Japanese television this upcoming January 2025. Unfortunately, there is no more information regarding the release date, but a first trailer of the anime has been released, introducing the main protagonists.

Source: Tasokare Hotel Official YouTube Channel

In addition, the announcement was accompanied by the reveal of a first promotional image for this series format project, which features characters Neko Tsukahara, Atori Haruto, Masaki Osoto, Menow, Ruri, and the hotel director.

Production and Voices

The announced voice cast, although not yet complete, is as follows:

  • Rika Momokawa as Neko Tsukahara
  • Kōdai Sakai as Atori Haruto
  • Yusuke Shirai as Masaki Osoto
  • Kanehira Yamamoto as the hotel director
  • Yuki Nagano as Ruri
  • Natsue Sasamoto as Menow
  • Takashi Narumi as Kiriko

As for the production team, we can take a look at how it is partly composed: Kousuke Kuremizu directs this anime of “Tasokare Hotel” for Studio PRA. Alongside him, Yuko Hariba (Change Our Mirai!) handles character design, while Scott MacDonald (Mazica Party) directs the art. Meanwhile, Yo Tsuji (The Forbidden Mystery of Ron Kamonohashi) and sugarbeans compose the music.

Do You Know “Tasokare Hotel”?

In “Tasokare Hotel,” players immerse themselves in the enigmatic atmosphere of a hotel situated between life and death, where all guests are spirits wandering on that delicate threshold. The protagonist, Neko Tsukahara, like the other characters, has lost her memories and is trying to unravel the mysteries that her fellow guests at the hotel conceal.

The story unfolds as Neko interacts with other guests and discovers the stories behind each spirit, facing puzzles and decisions that will affect the course of events and the fate of the characters. These interactions are not only key to progressing in the game but also unlock different endings, depending on the player’s choices throughout the narrative.

Additionally, the game incorporates elements of visual novel and escape games, offering a rich experience in mystery and exploration. Players must use found objects and clues to progress through the intertwined stories of the guests, each with their own emotional baggage and mysteries to solve. This combination of mechanics makes “Tasokare Hotel” an immersive and complex experience, where the decisions made have a significant impact on how the story unfolds.

Perhaps you have known about the game “Tasokare Hotel” before, or even still have it installed on your mobile, or maybe not. The fact is that you should not lose track of the new announcements that may arise about this project, as its plot promises to be more than captivating! …And now, why not drop by the comments and let us know your thoughts? As always, we’ll be reading! 😉

Images Source: Tasokare Hotel Official YouTube Channel, Tasokare Hotel Official Website, Reddit