“Spy x Family” Announces its Third Season

June 11, 2024

This Sunday, the production team in charge of the “Spy x Family” anime surprised fans with a major announcement. It has been decided that the anime adaptation of Tetsuya Endo‘s spy comedy will have a third season for television. The announcement was accompanied by a first key image of this sequel, featuring Anya and her dog Bond, which does not yet have a broadcast date in Japan.

To date, the “Spy x Family” anime includes a television series and a movie. The series was previously composed of only two seasons of 25 and 12 episodes, respectively. The first season consisted of two parts of 12 and 13 episodes, aired in Japan between April 2022 and December 2022. The second season aired between October and December 2023. The movie, titled “Spy × Family Code: White,” told an original story written and supervised by Tetsuya Endo and was released in Japanese cinemas in December 2023.

Wit Studio and CloverWorks worked together to animate the “Spy x Family” manga. Kazuhiro Furuhashi directed the first season with a script by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, while the second season was directed by Takahiro Harada with a script by Ichirō Ōkouchi. (K)now Name handled the music for both seasons. Meanwhile, the movie was directed by Takashi Katagiri with a script by Ichirō Ōkouchi.

As we have mentioned, this animated project is based on the original manga by Tetsuya Endo, which has been published on the Shōnen Jump+ website by Shueisha since March 2019 and remains active to this day, with 13 compiled volumes available in the Japanese market. In addition to the anime, “Spy x Family” includes a light novel titled “Spy × Family: Kazoku no Shōzō” written by Aya Yajima and published by Shueisha in July 2021. The movie “Spy × Family Code: White” also has a novel adaptation published in December 2023 and written by Aya Yajima. The franchise is completed with a video game “Spy × Anya: Operation Memories” for Nintendo Switch developed by Groove Box.


In “Spy x Family,” we follow the intricate plot of an elite spy known as Twilight, who embarks on a mission under the name of Loid Forger to prevent chaos between two superpowers, Westalis and Ostania. Twilight, needing to get close to an influential politician named Donovan Desmond, creates a fictitious family to infiltrate a closed social circle associated with the prestigious Eden Academy, where Desmond‘s son studies. Under his new identity as a psychiatrist, Twilight not only adopts Anya, a girl capable of reading minds, but also marries Yor, a professional assassin, without knowing the true backgrounds of each other.

Throughout the series, family dynamics become both comedic and complicated as each member struggles to keep their identity secret while adapting to their new role in this “family.” Twilight tries to balance his life as a spy and as an adoptive father and husband, leading to situations that are both dangerous and hilarious. Despite his espionage skills, he faces unexpected challenges in the domestic sphere, where he must learn to act as an ideal father despite his lack of genuine family relationships.

As the plot progresses, the personalities and pasts of the main characters are explored in more depth, revealing their vulnerabilities and desires. Anya, with her ability to read minds, often finds herself at the center of the action, understanding more about her adoptive parents than they know about each other. This intermingling of espionage, comedy, and family drama not only provides continuous entertainment but also raises questions about identity, family, and morality in times of cold war and political conflicts.

If you live on planet Earth, you surely already know about “Spy x Family,” or at least of its existence. Whether you know well what it is, or just know its name, you surely have plenty of reasons not to miss this super captivating story! Now, how about you swing by the comments and tell us what you think about this news about its third season? or your favorite moments from the franchise, because surely you have them! And remember, we’ll be reading! 🙂

Info & Images Source: Spy x Family on X (Twitter)