Solo Leveling Reveals New Thrilling Trailer!

November 2, 2023

Don’t like the hype? Double dose for you: A new trailer for the Solo Leveling anime adaptation project has been revealed today!

Indeed, whether you’ve followed our posts or not, you’re probably as excited as we are about the upcoming premiere of Solo Leveling. Well, you’ll be thrilled to know that a new promotional video has been revealed on the official site for the anime adaptation of the webtoon created by Chugong, which includes a snippet of the opening theme titled “LEveL,” performed by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] in collaboration with TOMORROW X TOGETHER:

Source: ANIPLEX Official YouTube Channel

The series maintains its scheduled premiere for the Winter 2024 season (January-March) in Japan. However, it’s worth mentioning that, despite this schedule, there will be advanced screenings of the first and second episodes at scheduled events in Tokyo, South Korea, and the United States in December of this year.

Let’s remember that Crunchyroll is the platform that will handle its distribution in the West. Chugong, for his part, published the original novels through KakaoPage between July 2016 and March 2018, with a total of fourteen volumes. The webtoon adaptation, which began its publication in March 2018 through KakaoPage by Jang Sung-rak, concluded not long ago, in December 2021.

Technical Section:

  • Shunsuke Nakashige (Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun, Isekai Shokudou) is in charge of directing the anime at A-1 Pictures studios.
  • Noboru Kimura (Kemono Jihen, Amagami SS) is responsible for writing and supervising the scripts.
  • Tomoko Sudo (Fragtime) is in charge of character design and animation direction.
  • Hiroyuki Sawano (Shingeki no Kyojin, Kill la Kill) is in charge of composing the soundtrack.

Some of the voices include:

  • Taito Ban as Jin-Woo Sung.
  • Genta Nakamura as Jin-Ho Yoo.
  • Makoto Furukawa as Jin-Chul Woo.
  • Hiroki Touchi as Yoon-Ho Baek.
  • Reina Ueda as Hae-In Cha.



The Story Behind Solo Leveling

As a mysterious portal connecting our world to another filled with creatures and monsters of all kinds appeared, several people acquired powers, and with them the ability to hunt such aberrations, thus earning the title of “hunters.”

Our protagonist, Sing Jin-woo, was the weakest of the E-rank hunters, barely stronger than a normal human, and thus received the nickname “the weakest” given by his fellow hunters. One day, he and others were trapped in an extremely dangerous dungeon, to the point that only a few managed to survive and escape. Jin-woo, one of the survivors, managed to complete all the trials in that dungeon, becoming the only “player” of a mysterious program called the “System“, and since then he has been able to see an interface showing him missions, statistics, inventory, stores, and levels, also granting him the ability to level up without a maximum limit…

From that moment, Jin-woo began an epic journey through which he would try to “level up” to become the most powerful hunter in the world.

If you’ve made it this far, the obligatory question is unnecessary, and we know for sure that you, like us, are looking forward to the arrival of Solo Leveling.

Do you think you would stand a chance against Ashborn? Would you be a good “player” if the “System” chose you? Tell us your expectations in the comments!

Go forth, hunter!

Images Source: ANIPLEX Official YouTube Channel, YouTube, Crunchyroll News Official Page.