Sexy Tanaka-san Manga Gets Live-Action Series

Sexy Tanaka-san Manga Gets Live-Action Series

August 1, 2023

NTV has officially announced its plans to produce a live-action series based on Hinako Ashihara’s manga, “Sexy Tanaka-san.” The series is set to premiere in October and will feature Haruka Kinami as the lead protagonist, Kyōko Tanaka. The show will be directed by Ryūichi Inomata and Akinori Itō, with scripts penned by Tomoko Aizawa.

Sexy Tanaka-san Manga Gets Live-Action Series
Sexy Tanaka-san

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23 year-old Office Lady Akari is looking for a marriage partner, with whom she can have a steady and “normal” married life. While she spends her days hedging risks so as not to become unhappy, she becomes interested in her plain 40 year-old co-worker, Tanaka-san. Judging by her figure, Akari suspects she must be up to something. And that something is… bellydancing! When she discovers Tanaka-san’s secret, Akari becomes a fan of this stoic yet sexy older lady. As a friendship blooms between them, two women chase after their dreams and love.

Hinako Ashihara’s “Sexy Tanaka-san” manga was first launched in Shogakukan’s Anikei Petite Comic magazine in 2018 and is still ongoing. The sixth compiled volume was published on February 9. Ashihara is also known for her other works, including the 10-volume “Sand Chronicles,” released in English by Viz Media. Moreover, Ashihara’s “SOS” manga, a collection of short stories, and the four-volume “Forbidden Dance” manga were released in English by Tokyopop. Additionally, Ashihara’s “Piece” manga served as inspiration for a live-action television series in 2012.

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