“Sakamoto Days”: Netflix’s Next Addition?

May 19, 2024

It turns out that “Sakamoto Days” is preparing a big project, and it’s not going at it alone, but rather with one of the biggest companies in the streaming industry, which we have mentioned several times recently around here. Of course, we’re talking about Netflix, which apparently plans to launch at some point in 2024 the animated adaptation (?) of the manga “Sakamoto Days” by Yuto Suzuki, which has been in publication since November 2020.

License Global, who usually compile and report on the latest Netflix news related to pop culture, among many other topics, have recently let us know (a pleasant surprise, it must be said) that “Sakamoto Days” is listed among the upcoming big projects of the popular platform.

The details, which are not many, indicate that the work “Sakamoto Days” is on the list of upcoming projects to be released within this 2024 on the streaming platform. Put another way, and without going around in circles, this year, according to the little information we have, we will receive on Netflix the adaptation of Yuto Suzuki’s work. And it must be said, at this particular point, there’s a pinch of assumptions and conjectures, because there’s nothing that 100% assures us that it won’t be a live-action project, which would also be great news, and very welcome, don’t you think?

Since the early years of publication of “Sakamoto Days“, its readers had already expressed their desire for an anime adaptation, and while it has not been fully confirmed that it will be in this format, we are sure that an adaptation of the manga will arrive very soon. Its unique narrative formula mixes equal doses of drama, through life stories, and comedy, with situations that will undoubtedly make us smile on more than one occasion.

The information from Licence Global is, as mentioned, somewhat limited, as it only includes the title “Sakamoto Days” within its list of “Upcoming Releases for 2024,” without delving into what type of project it will be. However, it is very likely that new information will be revealed in the coming days, so it is recommended to keep an eye on their official networks. The premise of its plot makes any type of wait worthwhile, whether it’s animation or live-action. Because… you do know what “Sakamoto Days” is about, right? …Well, just keep reading 🙂


Sakamoto Days” is a manga that narrates the unique life of Tarou Sakamoto, a former legendary assassin, feared and respected in the underworld, who decides to drastically change his life after falling in love. Hanging up his weapons, Sakamoto gets married, has a child, and becomes a seemingly harmless neighborhood store owner, while gaining a few extra pounds. However, his past soon catches up to him as old enemies and sinister figures start to emerge, compelling him to defend his new peaceful existence using his formidable skills.

The plot strikes a balance between action and comedy. Although Sakamoto strives to maintain a low profile, he is continually pulled into situations that force him to reveal his secret identity as a renowned assassin. This results in encounters that are both humorous and intense, as he needs to safeguard his family and his identity. As the manga progresses, new characters with unique abilities and intricate backgrounds are introduced, enriching the narrative and complicating Sakamoto‘s life, who finds himself caught in complex power struggles and underworld conflicts.

Sakamoto‘s double life adds an intriguing dynamic to the story, merging scenes of everyday life with stylized action sequences. This blend highlights how mundane aspects of his day-to-day can abruptly escalate into high-tension scenarios. Moreover, the manga explores themes of redemption and the pursuit of a second chance at life, depicting a protagonist who earnestly attempts to abandon his violent past while dealing with the repercussions of his former deeds. This fusion of comedy and action, coupled with deep character development and an exciting narrative, makes “Sakamoto Days” an engaging and entertaining read.

For those of us who have surpassed certain ages, this premise will surely remind you of titles like “Léon: The Professional” (1994), starring the famous Jean Reno and a very young Natalie Portman. “Sakamoto Days” promises to give us one of those stories with which it is easy to fully immerse and enjoy oneself. Anyway, we’ll just have to wait to learn more about what type of project it is. So in the meantime, it’s up to you, dear reader, to swing by the comments and let us know your thoughts on this proposal, because you know, we’ll be reading! 😉

Info & Images Source: License Global, Ánmo Sugoi, Reddit