Voting Period

The voting period for “Anime of the Week” polls starts on Friday at GMT ( UTC ) : 4:00 AM (4:00) and ends exactly seven days later. The results are revealed about three hours later, and they are mostly based on episodes that aired during that time period. That means that if an episode airs just a few hours before the poll closes, it will almost certainly affect the next week’s rankings. The results are first published on our website in the “Ranks” category. We post them to our social media profiles as soon as they go live.

How Rankings are Calculated

We treat each person’s vote as a single entry, calculate the score at the end, and publish the total number of people who participated. Instead of relying solely on the number of votes cast, we always calculate a show’s percentage each week and include it in the results. We have done our best to eliminate spam and data duplication by recording each user’s IP address and allowing only one vote per option for a specific poll via that address to ensure data integrity. In other words, if you attempt to re-vote for a poll option while browsing incognito, your vote will be discarded. If you haven’t already done so, you can always return to vote in a poll as long as it’s open.