“Parasyte: The Grey” is Coming to Netflix in April

February 6, 2024

Parasyte: The Grey” is a Korean live-action adaptation of the popular Japanese manga “Parasyte” by Hitoshi Iwaaki, set to be released on Netflix. This series marks the first time the story is adapted into a TV series format instead of a film, offering a new perspective on the horrifying and science fiction world of the manga. The main plot revolves around strange alien parasites that infiltrate human hosts with the goal of expanding their power, leading a group of humans to fight against this growing threat.

The series will feature main characters such as Jung Soo In, who gets infected with a parasite in his hand but retains control of his mind, Seol Kang Woo, who is searching for his missing sister, and Choi Jun Kyung, the leader of the team called “The Grey” that is dedicated to fighting against the parasites. The lead actors announced for the adaptation include Jeon So Nee as Jung Soo In, Koo Kyo Hwan as Seol Kang Woo, and Lee Jung Hyun as Choi Jun Kyung.

The production is directed by visionary director Yeon Sang-ho, known for his work on acclaimed films like “Train to Busan.” The adaptation is set in Korea and promises to bring the intense narrative and unique horror of the manga to the screen with a distinct Korean perspective. Netflix has announced that “Parasyte: The Grey” will make its global debut on its platform in April. Fans of the original manga and new viewers can look forward to an exciting mix of science fiction, horror, and action, along with a deep exploration of the human condition through this unique and anticipated adaptation.

The Story of “Parasyte”

The manga “Parasyte” (Kiseijū) is a masterpiece of science fiction and horror created by Hitoshi Iwaaki, first published in 1988 and continuing until 1995. The series was serialized in the monthly Morning Open Shūkan magazine by Kodansha, establishing itself as an iconic piece of the genre due to its intriguing premise and deep reflection on the human condition and the symbiotic relationship between species. The manga’s popularity led to its adaptation into a 24-episode anime series, aired from October 2014 to March 2015, produced by Madhouse studio. This adaptation modernized the story for a new generation while maintaining the essence and central themes of Iwaaki‘s original work, and was acclaimed by critics and fans alike for its faithful representation of the manga and its ability to explore complex philosophical themes through a narrative of horror and science fiction. The influence of “Parasyte” extends beyond manga and anime, with adaptations into live-action movies and, more recently, the inspiration for new interpretations like “Parasyte: The Grey,” the subject of this article.

Synopsis of “Parasyte”

The anime “Parasyte,” known in Japan as “Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu,” is based on the manga of the same name by Hitoshi Iwaaki. The series tells the story of Shinichi Izumi, a high school student whose life drastically changes when alien parasites invade Earth. These parasites, arriving on Earth in the form of spores, have the ability to enter human bodies through the nose or ears and take complete control of their brains. However, when one of these parasites attempts to take over Shinichi, it fails to reach his brain and ends up in his right hand instead. From this point on, Shinichi and the parasite, which he calls Migi, form a strange symbiotic coexistence. Migi has the ability to transform into various shapes to defend against other parasites, granting Shinichi superhuman abilities.

As the story progresses, Shinichi finds himself in a fight for survival against other parasites that view humans merely as food. Unlike his enemies, Shinichi, influenced by the humanity still residing within him, and Migi, who gradually begins to understand and value the complexity of human life, work together to confront the threats posed by the other parasites. Throughout the series, deep themes such as coexistence, human nature, the ethics of survival, and what it means to be human are explored. Shinichi is on both a physical and emotional journey, facing challenges that lead him to question his own beliefs and values, as well as the morality of the interspecies struggle. “Parasyte” is both a thrilling science fiction and horror story and a philosophical reflection on life, love, and the interconnectedness of all living creatures.

In summary, we take for granted that everyone is already familiar with “Parasyte” and its compelling, and partly terrifying, story. Therefore, we can’t help but be excited about this announcement. We are aware that the history of live-action adaptations has not been the most “acclaimed” by audiences, due to some bad experiences we have been able to witness, BUT, I personally choose to be optimistic about this proposal. What about you? Go on, tell us in the comments what you think about “Parasyte” and this project that will be coming very soon to Netflix. As always, we’ll be reading! 🙂

Info & Images Source: Netflix News Official Site, Reddit