Palworld Busts Servers in Less Than 12Hrs!

January 20, 2024

Okay, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you already know what we’re talking about when we mention Palworld, also known by fans as the “Pokemon with guns”. Yes, we’re referring to “that” game, in which Pals (the equivalent of Pokemon) can build, mine, loot, and even fight, sometimes using their own bodies and other times using the most outrageous weapons, like missile launchers or Gatling guns… Yes, precisely “that” game 😉

Source: Pocketpair Official YouTube Channel

It hasn’t even been 12 hours since its launch, and Palworld has already broken the record for online players on Steam, surpassing a million sales… And yes, as the title of this news suggests, its servers are showing signs of saturation. While this might sound bad, it can also be interpreted as a very good sign, indicative of its overwhelming success. Let’s clarify, reaching a million units sold is impressive in itself, but there’s an even more interesting detail: the million units were sold even before the first 8 hours after its release!

When talking about sold copies, users subscribed through Microsoft or Xbox Game Pass are never mentioned. This leads us to the point mentioned in the headline: their servers are already suffering, showing signs of saturation. Pocketpair has officially confirmed “technical issues” in accessing the game due to the number of people trying to enter their servers at the same time. On Steam, for instance, the number of simultaneous online players currently stands at 432.224 (according to SteamDB), and it continues to rise.

While Pocketpair resolves the server issues, they advise players to persevere a bit when trying to access, which so far seems to be working. You know, if you’re having these problems, keep trying for a while and you might get lucky. It’s not that there aren’t relatively similar alternatives in the current market, but Palworld, as fresh and simple as it appears, offers a mix of mechanics present in other genres, which, now combined in a single title and added to other factors that make it even more entertaining, such as humor and cartoonish design (which maintains a strong sense of similarity to Pokemon), offer us something that we can definitely consider original and addictive.

Does Palworld Have a Story?

We can’t say for sure. I mean, all games have, to a greater or lesser extent, a narrative thread, something that provides context or an excuse for things to happen in the game’s world… Does Palworld have that? …Well…

There seems to be a plot involving poachers of Pals, whose plans we must thwart… By giving us so much freedom, the game encourages the player to embark on exploration, with those survival elements present, and the lightness that the mere presence of Pals everywhere brings, factors that seem to be balanced with each other. And what about the Pals? While they have been compared to the charming creatures of the Nintendo franchise, Palworld seems to be much more than just a “pokemon with guns”. It’s natural for both the title and the name of the world to be based on them, as you can literally achieve and accomplish so much with their help… They build, defend, attack, work, farm, and basically can do almost everything for you. Some can even be eaten, if necessary… Before you know it, you’ll find yourself searching and collecting the 111 different types of Pals that currently exist, and, let’s be honest, you’ll hardly care about the real reason why you’re there, or what brought you to that world in the first place hehe.

Palworld is an open invitation to fun, boasting not only its sales success but also a majority of “mostly positive” reviews on Steam itself. If you haven’t tried it, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

And if you have, you know, you won’t find Pals in the comments, but we still invite you to join in, and tell us what you think, come on gamer, you know, we’ll be reading! 😀

Images Source: Pocketpair Official YouTube Channel, YouTube