“One Piece” Takes Over Las Vegas!

May 23, 2024

After celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary, the revered “One Piece” anime franchise embarks on an ambitious expansion into the Western market. With the opening of the first One Piece Café in Las Vegas, Nevada, this milestone marks just the beginning of a series of exciting initiatives in the city. Soon, Monkey D. Luffy and his charismatic crew of the Straw Hat Pirates will take center stage in a spectacular promotion at the innovative Las Vegas Sphere, offering a unique experience for fans.

One Piece Expansion in Las Vegas

According to a statement from Toei Animation, the company continues to strengthen its relationship with Las Vegas, America’s most vibrant city. The Straw Hat Pirates will take over the imposing Sphere for a live event that promises to be a landmark this summer. This announcement comes right after the successful launch of the first “One Piece” themed café in North America, and the upcoming event will also coincide with the debut of the series’ first official YouTube channel in English, further strengthening its presence on digital platforms. This exciting event at the Las Vegas Sphere is scheduled to take place from June 10 to 16 and is expected to draw crowds of fans eager to participate in the experience.

Statements and Celebrations

Masayuki Endo, president of Toei Animation, shared his enthusiasm: “The twenty-fifth anniversary of One Piece has been filled with significant milestones, cementing its status as a globally renowned brand thanks to the explosive impact of our new productions and advanced marketing strategies”, he said. “We are thrilled to commemorate this special achievement by bringing the colorful and dynamic world of One Piece to Las Vegas in June. We extend a warm invitation to fans to join us at this special live entertainment event and to subscribe to the franchise’s new YouTube channel, where they can enjoy exclusive content and constant updates”.

A Landmark Year for One Piece

The year 2023 has stood out as a period of great importance for “One Piece”. The introduction of Luffy’s Gear 5 not only provided an epic conclusion to the four-year “Wano Country Arc,” but the fan demand was so overwhelming that it even caused a temporary crash of the Crunchyroll website when episode 1071 aired. Moreover, the release of the live-action adaptation on Netflix, starring Iñaki Godoy as Luffy, has been met with universal acclaim, setting a new gold standard for live-action adaptations of anime series.

This expansion and related activities not only increase the visibility of “One Piece” in new markets but also strengthen its legacy as one of the most influential and beloved series in the history of anime. As “One Piece” continues to sail towards new horizons, its cultural impact and global fan base continue to grow, ensuring that its twenty-fifth anniversary will be remembered as a year of celebrations and significant achievements.


We can say it, currently, the fan community of the beloved “One Piece” franchise numbers in the millions, no fine print. And it’s no secret that its charismatic pirates have crossed borders and reached all continents alike, right? Well, their presence in Las Vegas can only mean good news! So now it’s your turn, pirate! Head over to the comments and leave your opinion on this news if you want to become the King of the Pirates! Of course, we’ll be reading! …Nakama! 😉

Images Source: X (Twitter), Reddit