Oi! Tonbo TV Anime Trailer, Key Visual Reveals

Oi! Tonbo TV Anime Trailer, Key Visual Reveals

October 3, 2023

A new teaser trailer and other artwork for the Oi! Tonbo (Hey! Tonbo) anime were released on Tuesday on the show’s official website. The anime’s spring 2024 broadcast debut is revealed in the teaser, along with the studio OLM and its collaboration with SMDE on the CG animation.

Oi! Tonbo TV Anime Trailer, Key Visual Reveals
Oi! Tonbo

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Igarashi is introduced in the manga as a professional golfer who has been disqualified due to a “incident” and who has since relocated to the Tokara Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture in order to escape the spotlight. He meets Tonbo, an innocent young girl, on these islands, which are referred to as “Japan’s last undiscovered wilderness.”

It turns out that Tonbo plays daily on a homemade golf course on these ostensibly uncharted islands. She plays every type of shot with just one golf club, a 3-iron, displaying genius-level skill. Igarashi is astounded by Tonbo’s talent as he is skeptical of her ability to use only a 3-iron. Tonbo, however, has a horrible, unhappy background that is deeply hidden in his heart.

In August 2014, the manga’s creators, Kawasaki and Furusawa, debuted it in Weekly Golf Digest, a general golfing publication published by Golf Digest Sha Co., Ltd. The 46th volume of the manga’s collected books was released on September 1.

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