Official Trailer for Season 3 of “Arifureta”

April 23, 2024

During this year 2024, we have seen premieres or projects on the way related to animes that “return” after a long time without being broadcast, among which we could name “Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken” or “KonoSuba“. Well, now it’s time for the Isekai “Arifureta“, which, now confirmed, in just a few months will return with its impressive Season 3, and yes, as the title of this article says, we already have the first official trailer!

Source: OverlapInc Official YouTube Channel

Let’s review what we know about season 3 of “Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest”

The premiere of this season is scheduled for autumn of this year in Japan. There is not yet a specific date or month for the premiere, but we could assume that it will be around October. On the other hand, the “Arifureta” novel consisted of 13 volumes published in the Japanese market, and as we know, season 3 will cover from volume 7 onwards, which leads us to suppose that we could even expect another season in the not too distant future.

The studio in charge of this new season will once again be asread. During the first two seasons, the studio worked with the collaboration of WHITE Fox and Studio Mother, respectively. However, for this third season, nothing is yet known about another collaborating studio, although this may simply be because the total information has not been disseminated.

Without a doubt, this tremendous trailer leaves us open-mouthed and waiting for more from this franchise, just as it should be in the case of these announcements/trailers that aim to capture our attention. Well, mission accomplished, attention completely captured! This new season of “Arifureta” promises to be exactly what we expect from a continuation of this anime, which obviously we can no longer wait to see.


Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest” narrates the transformation of Hajime Nagumo, a 17-year-old student, from an ordinary boy to a powerful warrior in a magical world. After being transported with his class to this world to save it, Hajime finds himself with a lesser ability compared to his classmates. His life changes drastically when he is betrayed and falls into an abyss filled with monsters and dangers. There, he finds Yue, an imprisoned vampire, and together, along with other companions who join along the way, they embark on a struggle to survive and strengthen themselves, facing challenges that make them reconsider their own limits and values.

Throughout their journey, Hajime and his growing group face mazes and enemies that test their wit and strength. Each victory brings them new abilities and a greater understanding of the world they are in. The themes of betrayal, redemption, and the search for a purpose are woven into the narrative, showing how the main characters grow and adapt to adversity. The series not only highlights action and adventure but also the emotional development and relationships among the characters, which become key to their survival and success.

Regarding the third season of “Arifureta“, which is expected to cover from volume 7 onwards of the novels, promises to delve deeper into the story with new challenges and revelations. It is anticipated that Hajime and his group will continue exploring the last mazes and facing more complex adversaries, as more secrets of the world are unveiled. This season will focus on Hajime‘s evolution as a leader and the crucial decisions he must make to protect his companions. With new characters and a plot that deeply explores the bonds and conflicts of the group, the season is set to offer an exciting mix of action, strategy, and character development.

I think there’s not much more to add about this. We can only say that obviously, it’s imperative to stay tuned for any possible news or update about this new season, right? Now please, head to the comments and let us know your opinion about this franchise that has already firmly established itself in our otaku hearts. 🙂 You know, we’ll be reading!

Images Source: OverlapInc Official YouTube Channel, Reddit