New Visuals Preparing the Return of “Overlord”!

March 22, 2024

On the official website for the anime adaptation of the light novels written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by So-Bin, “Overlord,” a new promotional video has been recently revealed, along with new visuals for the upcoming movie “Overlord: The Sacred Kingdom,” which will adapt the “Paladin of the Sacred Kingdom Arc,” corresponding to volumes 12 and 13 of the original light novels. According to the press release, the premiere is scheduled for the upcoming fall in Japan (September – December), but an exact date has not yet been specified. Importantly, this will be the first movie of the franchise, as the previous two were only “compilations” of the original light novels. Aside from that, it has been confirmed that Madhouse studios are still in charge of the project, as we mentioned in our previous post about “Overlord.”

For some reason (I suppose, some last-minute correction), the new trailer is not available on their official sources at this moment, although I could assure that in just a few hours, a day at most, it will be available everywhere. In any case, the responsible parties have allowed us to confirm both the production team and the voice cast, the three main ones and four complementary ones, among more talents that have joined the project. The entirety of the known voice cast can be seen below.

(Edit: Just like I had said, it was only hours. Here is the trailer)

Source: KADOKAWAanime Official YouTube Channel

Voice Cast

  • Satoshi Hino as Ainz Ooal Gown.
  • Yumi Hara as Albedo.
  • Masayuki Katou as Demiurge.
  • Yoshino Aoyama as Neia Baraja.
  • Hitomi Nabatame as Remedios Custodio.
  • Saori Hayami as Calca Bessarez.
  • Haruka Tomatsu as Kelart Custodio.

Production Team

  • Naoyuki Itou (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, No Guns Life, Kanon, Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu) returns from all previous seasons to take charge of the direction at Madhouse studios.
  • Yukie Sugawara (Sword Art Online, Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Sword Art Online II) returns to take charge of the writing and supervision of the scripts.
  • Satoshi Tasaki (No Game No Life Zero, Diamond no Ace, Final Fantasy) returns to take charge of character design and animation direction.
  • Shuji Katayama (Youjo Senki, Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?, Runway de Waratte, Houkago Saikoro Club) returns to take charge of the composition of the soundtrack.

Kugane Maruyama and So-Bin have been publishing the light novels through the Kadokawa publishing house since July 2012. A manga adaptation by Satoshi Oushio and Hugin Miyama has been published since November 2014. Madhouse studios have been in charge of the anime adaptation, with four seasons aired since 2015, totaling fifty-two episodes. The most recent was aired in the Summer-2022 season (July-September).


Overlord” is an anime based on a series of light novels that focuses on the story of Momonga, a veteran player of a popular virtual reality game called Yggdrasil. As the game is about to permanently shut down its servers, Momonga decides to stay logged in until the last moment. However, instead of logging out, he finds himself trapped in the game world, transformed into his game avatar, a powerful skeletal sorcerer known as Ainz Ooal Gown. He discovers that the non-player characters (NPCs) of the game have come to life and possess complex personalities. Ainz decides to explore this new world to find other players like him and uncover the reason behind his current situation.

In his quest for answers, Ainz assumes the role of leader of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, a powerful underground fortress populated by Ainz‘s loyal NPC servants, who worship him as a god. In order to protect Nazarick and its inhabitants, Ainz begins to expand his influence in the outside world, using both diplomacy and force to secure the loyalty of the various factions and races he encounters. As Ainz delves into the politics and conflicts of this new world, he faces moral dilemmas and strategic decisions that test his humanity and his skills as a leader.

Throughout the series, Ainz and his followers encounter a range of challenges, from epic battles against powerful enemies to political intrigue and fragile alliances. Ainz uses his vast knowledge of the original game and his cunning to navigate these challenges, often resorting to ruthless tactics and manipulation to ensure Nazarick‘s success. Despite his imposing appearance and overwhelming power, Ainz strives to maintain a facade of benevolence and justice, while internally struggling with loneliness and the desire to find a purpose in this new world. The series explores themes of power, loyalty, and the quest for identity, all set in a dark and complex fantasy world.

There is little we could tell you about “Overlord” that you don’t already know. Nonetheless, “Overlord: The Sacred Kingdom” promises to be something fantastic and fresh for the franchise that many love. Now, we invite you to share your opinion on the saga and this new installment in the comments, and as always, we’ll be reading! 😉

Images Source: Crunchyroll News Official Site