New Content For The Imminent Zenless Zone Zero!

June 30, 2024

A perhaps quick news item compared to our latest articles, but still worth mentioning:

The launch of Zenless Zone Zero, the next free-to-play action role-playing game from HoYoverse, is just around the corner, and on July 4th, we will be able to start our adventure on PS5, PC, iOS, and Android. With the premiere so close, the company has taken the opportunity to host a live stream on YouTube to show us some of the content that will be introduced in its version 1.0 next week.

Source: Zenless Zone Zero Official YouTube Channel

No less than 27 minutes of video, in which you can discover several of the new features that Zenless Zone Zero will receive in its final release, this upcoming July 4th, including new areas we can explore, new playable agents, and new chapters that will advance the story, among an endless array of novelties.

Do you know what Zenless Zone Zero is?

Swordplay, shootings, combos, spectacular joint attacks, and an incredible style. Zenless Zone Zero is the latest from HoYoverse, the creators of Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail, and can be defined as a hack n’ slash or ARPG with the signature elements of the Chinese studio. It’s an action adventure with touches of role-playing, featuring gacha mechanics and puzzles, set in a post-apocalyptic world with a futuristic and urban anime aesthetic. A mix of Devil May Cry and Persona, but with its own differences and unique ingredients.

New Eridu is the setting for the adventure. The world has ended very badly after the appearance of the Hollows, strange phenomena that alter the space and time of a place where monsters, the Ethers, emerge. This city is humanity’s refuge. But in the Hollows, there are also essential resources for the new way of life. That’s where the proxies come in, a kind of mercenaries organized in groups that are hired to enter these places and loot them.

The story begins when one of these groups of proxies, the Cunning Hares (which does not honor their name), must get hold of a black box that got trapped in a Hollow after their job to steal it from another gang went “not very well”. The content of the object is a mystery, but it is undoubtedly important as it involves government bodies and other proxy groups throughout the plot, or at least in its early stages.

As the main missions develop, new groups of proxies are met, as some of these missions require playing with certain specific characters. The narrative structure evolves compared to previous titles from HoYoverse: the visual novel part is the most prominent, but the explanations of events in long texts have been replaced by dynamic comic strips, and there is no shortage of cinematic scenes that fully express the excellent graphical section.

Perhaps the main attraction of Zenless Zone Zero is in the combat, which takes place in the arenas found in the Hollows. And we are talking about a hack n’ slash where we fight in a group: we team up with three characters from a very extensive list that will continue to grow, each with their attacks, magic, specials, classes, and synergies (weak and strong attacks, normal and charged, skills, and powerful group attacks). These encounters against various types of Ether monsters and humans are very visually striking, even occasionally spectacular, although they do not have as much depth as their references: after all, it is a game designed to be controlled with a touchscreen.

Zenless Zone Zero will arrive this July 4th for PC, Android, PS5, and iPhone, and you should definitely add it to your wishlist now. If you still need reasons, it’s because you haven’t seen the juicy nearly half-hour video we left above. And now, you know, this is when we ask you to leave us your kind opinion about this news in the comments, because, you know gamer, we’ll be reading! 😉

Info & Images Source: Zenless Zone Zero Official YouTube Channel, Vandal, Reddit