My Top 1000 Animes | Part 1

September 21, 2022

What I believe to be the top 1000 anime series ever produced will be included in this list of “Top 1000 Animes.” The entertainment value, popularity, enduring appeal, writing caliber, originality, and significance to the anime medium are some of the criteria used to determine whether a series is outstanding. I didn’t consider a single factor in itself. As you can see from my description, I took many, and this is not a list of the most popular anime.
I finished watching all of these and can attest that they are well worth your time. As someone who has seen more than a thousand anime series over the course of many years, I am able to recognize when an anime truly merits watching.

My Top 1000 Animes (Part 1) List:

Number 1:
Death Note (37 Episodes)

My Top 1000 Animes (Part 1)

The story is one-of-a-kind. A notebook falls from the sky, and the person who writes a name in it has the ability to kill the person pictured in his mind. This presents viewers with a highly debatable moral and justice theme. Yagami Light, who gains the ability to kill, intends to use it to create a utopia in which he is God. Criminals, and only criminals, will be punished in the hopes of creating a perfect society. Is this, however, right? Is it moral to kill people who have done wrong and will do wrong again? Can they be reconciled? Death Note poses viewers with questions like these, questions that cannot be easily answered. This series challenges the viewers’ morals, and it deserves to be praised for it.
However, this contentious subject is not the series’ strong suit. Death Note receives a 10 for story because of the way the plot unfolds. Yagami Light, with great power and ambition, is forced to play a chair-grabbing game of cat and mouse with those who seek to detain him. I’ve never seen L try to persecute Light like this before in an anime. The first 15 episodes will magically transport you to the scene as suspense hangs over their individual methods for identifying the other. You will not be disappointed. Death Note is a thrilling ride that ranks among the best. It is a breathtaking display of suspense that is still unrivaled even today.

Studios: Madhouse
Genres: Supernatural, Suspense

Number 2:
Attack on Titan (86 Episodes)

Attack on Titan is set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic world where the last of humanity lives in cities surrounded by massive walls. This civilization has a military organization that includes everything from cops to soldiers to scouts. They contribute to the protection of humanity from threats. Eren Jeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert are three friends introduced in the story. Everything goes swimmingly until two human looking giants known as titans attack the walls of their hometown. They join the army after they lose their home and Eren witnesses his mother being devoured by a titan. Eren swears vengeance on the titans.
Attack on Titan is not the best anime ever. It has some real flaws, including a heavy reliance on dialogue in inappropriate places. animation sometimes suffers as the production company rushes to finish the show on time.
The first season of Attack on Titan was good, but the execution wasn’t up to par. Having said that, it’s easy to see why this series is so popular. The anime has a straightforward narrative structure that makes it accessible to almost anyone, anime fan or not.

Studios: Wit Studio
Genre: Action, Drama, Gore, Military, Survival

Number 3:
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (64 Episodes)

Some of the strongest aspects of FMAB are the plot and world-building. It creates an immersive, full-feeling world with many animate pieces that move even when you’re not looking at them. It’s also a very creative world, with its own set of universal laws that it follows, such as alchemy through equivalent exchange, mind-body duality, and its own interpretation of a higher power. The story never contradicts its own rules, instead using them creatively to build off of one another. One of the most captivating aspects of the program is its plot, which develops at just the right rate to keep you intrigued while leaving a few big cards up for the finale. One of the hallmarks of excellent storytelling is when the puzzle pieces come together in a way that is both mind-blowing and obvious.
This is a perfect illustration of how to turn a manga into an anime in the proper manner. Despite being wonderfully made and immensely popular, the original Fullmetal Alchemist fell apart as soon as it strayed off the manga plot and never really recovered. However, this demonstrates that sometimes anime producers should just sit back and retell the fantastic story that has already been created in the original rather than trying to add their own plot aspects when translating manga/visual novels etc.
watched, excelling in every aspect with a gripping plot, complex characters, stunning visuals, and epic soundtracks. You should watch it immediately now because it is a classic and something that every fan of anime should see.

Studios: Bones
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Number 4:
Sword Art Online (73 Episodes)

Sword Art Online is a pioneer in its field because the original material was created back in 2002 (the same year as.hack//). This is significant because, as with all groundbreaking achievements, there will initially be awe and excitement that will be followed by disappointment as the same idea is improved upon and perfected. Having said that, SAO is a remarkable work, especially in light of the fact that the author was only a high school student at the time and that he explored uncharted territory. The intended demographic, the teenage market, is successfully impressed by the author and the following adaptation by A1 Pictures. This is accomplished by carefully balancing action, cliffhangers, pace, and a good cast of female characters.
SAO is a decent anime overall. A very pleasant series that appeals to a very diverse group of anime fans, which is no small accomplishment. Given the modest weaknesses in “Aria” and the second arc, it is perhaps acceptable to subtract one point, but not more given the amount of territory that has to be covered in order to finish Kirito’s development.

Studios: A-1 Pictures
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

Number 5:
My Hero Academia (113 Episodes)

Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist, is a young boy without special abilities. As a result, his peers make fun of him, especially Bakugo, a bully from his early years. He is made fun of because of how useless he is while the majority of his class has grown powers, also known as “Quirks,” as shown by numerous flashbacks. It gets so bad that he even gets the nickname “Deku” for being useless. Deku is first depicted in the initial plot as a weakling, but after meeting All Might, a superhero well-known in their world, this changes. It is revealed that All Might’s quirk, “One for All,” can be passed down from user to user unlike anybody else’s quirk. Deku will succeed All Might as the global peace emblem thanks to the quirk that All Might decides to give him.
If you enjoy shounen anime, My Hero Academia will not disappoint. There is no question about it, however it depends on your viewpoint. It features cool characters with some absurd powers, combat that are more tactically focused, and it keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Studios: Bones
Genre: Action, Comedy, School, Super Power

Number 6:
One Punch Man (24 Episodes)

The plot of One Punch Man is straightforward: it’s the story of an ordinary guy who becomes a hero for fun. What distinguishes this show is that it is a parody. Essentially, this anime is a parody of the shounen genre, in which a male protagonist is beaten down and then trains or otherwise defeats the bad guy. Here, the MC is simply overpowered to the point where he becomes depressed because no one is strong enough to challenge him. You’d think that such a powerful person would be worshiped as a God by the people. Unfortunately, you are mistaken. People have no idea he exists! This becomes one of the series’ highlights in the later episodes when Saitama is forced to demonstrate his strength in front of the public. This show was created to make fun of all anime tropes. This is a story meant to be enjoyed, not taken seriously. Anyone who is open-minded will thoroughly enjoy this anime.
If you enjoy action-comedy, adventure, and superpower anime, and visuals and sound are important to you, you MUST WATCH THIS anime! Even if none of that appeals to you, you can give it a shot. One Punch Man is not some random cliche anime with random power boosts that make it impossible to watch. It’s very entertaining.

Studios: Madhouse
Genres: Action, Comedy

Number 7:
My Roommate is a Cat (12 Episodes)

Subaru is an antisocial adult who dislikes people. Given his profession, he can be relatable to a wide range of people in society. Through his novels, he expresses his thoughts, feelings, and ideas. On the other hand, we meet Haru, the stray cat that Subaru adopts. She becomes an important part of his life despite having a big appetite but a sad backstory. Despite being a cat, she exhibits human-like behavior and appears to have some empathy for them. Because it is not always easy for her to understand Subaru, some episodes end in misunderstandings between the two. The on-screen character chemistry is a major selling point for the show. It’s fascinating to see how two characters who have nothing in common get along. Subaru develops feelings for Haru and even goes out to buy her food. Haru, like most cats, has a voracious appetite, which the show exploits almost every chance it gets. It’s lighthearted humor that works well on many occasions because we see how cats behave. They are inquisitive creatures for whom food is everything.
Overall, this anime is very warm and snuggly; it’s the kind of anime you’d watch after a late meeting at work. A very relaxing experience.

Studios: Zero-G
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life

Number 8:
Naruto (220 Episodes)

Naruto Uzumaki is a young knucklehead ninja who lives in the hidden leaf village of Konoha. Most people avoid and ignore him because a fox demon named Nine Tails tried to destroy the village years ago but was trapped inside Naruto as an infant. Naruto sets out to become Hokage, the village’s leader, in order to establish himself as a power for good. This is the type of show that most people think of when they think of shonen anime. It focuses on the hero’s journey of an underdog who discovers he has latent powers he didn’t know he had and trains to hone his abilities while fighting stronger opponents along the way.
While the plot is typical of a slice-of-life ninja story, I was captivated by the rapidly changing plot, which began to showcase the evil forces at work, Naruto’s transformation from a brat to a determined and inspirational character, and the darkness that builds within Sasuke Uchiha, who has an interesting backstory himself.
Naruto’s main plot becomes captivating and worth recommending once the series truly begins. Furthermore, despite the anime’s serious tone, it was the series’ slapstick comedy and humor that drew me in.
Naruto’s ending is especially thrilling. It establishes the most epic of stories, provides us with fantastic ninja lore and history, and prepares a more mature Naruto to meet his destiny and become the great ninja he has always desired to be.

Studios: Pierrot
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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Number 9:
No Game No Life (12 Episodes)

When Sora and Shiro accept an online challenge, they are sucked into another world. Games rule everything in this new world known as Disboard. Everyone settles disputes, no matter how minor, through games, which can range from as simple as rock-paper-scissors to as grand as VR stadium battles. These games are governed by ten rules. These rules are bindings established by the God of Games. The brilliant gaming duo accepts the god’s challenge and set out to conquer this strange world and test his might.
No Game No Life is another isekai featuring a gamer protagonist who is thrust into a world where their seemingly insignificant skills in real life are the ultimate talent. This anime takes it to the extent. These two appear to be unbeatable in games.
Overall, No Game, No Life is an intriguing anime, especially for fans of isekai. However, because No Game, No Life did not have a second season, it is best to read the manga or light novel.

Studios: Madhouse
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Ecchi

Number 10:
Great Pretender (23 Episodes)

Makoto Edamura is Japan’s self-proclaimed greatest con artist. His youthful appearance and friendly demeanor make him appear trustworthy, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Laurent Thierry, a smiling Frenchman who appears to take an unusual interest in him, shakes his confidence. He’s in Los Angeles before he knows it, pulling a multimillion-dollar con on a Hollywood executive. In terms of risk and reward, it’s a far cry from selling worthless water filters to elderly ladies.
Any of Great Pretender’s con artist characters will tell you that first impressions are crucial because they set the tone for everything that follows and continue to color your perception until the very end. The cold opening of Edamura swinging from the Hollywood sign transitions to its stylish jazz theme song in Great Pretender. However, failing to meet those expectations can be dangerous, and things can quickly spiral out of control.
Overall, this was a really fulfilling, exciting, and unforgettable experience; art, characters, arcs, I loved it all. Great Pretender is not for everyone; it is a one-of-a-kind experience that I doubt will be repeated. A true hidden gem and one-of-a-kind anime.

Studios: Wit Studio
Genres: Action, Adventure, Mystery

List by Zoro, Written by Arumi