Mr. Villain’s Day Off About to Arrive!

December 13, 2023

Days pass, and almost without realizing it, we are already in mid-December. This means that January is literally just around the corner! And what are we doing? Obviously, we’re complicating your schedule with more premieres that you can’t miss…

Kyūjitsu no Warumono-san,” known in English as “Mr. Villain’s Day Off“, is a Japanese manga masterpiece, created by the talented Yuu Morikawa. Since its debut in December 2018 on the Pixiv platform, this series has captured the imagination of readers with its unique narrative and captivating illustrations. As of April 2023, the work has been consolidated into an impressive collection of five tankōbon volumes, published by Square Enix under the renowned Gangan Comics Pixiv label.

Trajectory of the Manga & Digital Expansion

The story of “Kyūjitsu no Warumono-san” began to unfold on Pixiv on December 15, 2018, when Yuu Morikawa published the first chapter. The series quickly gained popularity, leading Square Enix to compile the chapters into tankōbon volumes. Each volume is a gateway to a world where the fantastical intertwines with the everyday, showcasing Morikawa‘s narrative and artistic talent.

Moreover, Frontier Works enriched the series’ universe with a dramatic CD adaptation, released on January 27, 2021, providing a new dimension to the story through audio. This adaptation allowed fans to experience the plot and characters in a wholly new and exciting way.

The series has not only been a success in Japan but has also crossed borders. It has been translated into English and is published digitally through Square Enix‘s global Manga Up! website. In March 2023, Square Enix Manga & Books announced its plan to bring this fascinating story to international bookstores, starting with the release of the first printed volume on August 15, 2023.

Anime: A New Horizon

The universe of “Kyūjitsu no Warumono-san” expanded further with the exciting announcement, on February 24, 2023, of its adaptation into an anime TV series. The production is handled by the renowned studios Shin-Ei Animation and SynergySP. Yoshinori Odaka, known for his work on series like “Bem” and “Armed Blue Gunvolt“, is directing, ensuring a visually stunning adaptation true to the manga’s spirit.

Source: VAP Official YouTube Channel

Midori Gotou, with experience in “Blood Plus” and “Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun“, is overseeing the scripts, ensuring that the anime’s narrative remains true to Morikawa‘s original vision. The character design is in the hands of Tomomi Shimazaki, who has worked on “Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou” and “Ten Count“, promising visually distinctive and appealing characters. The soundtrack, composed by Nobuaki Nobusawa, known for his work in “Dagashi Kashi” and “Koi to Uso“, promises to enrich the series’ atmosphere.

Mr. Villain’s Day Off Synopsis

The plot revolves around Warmono-san, a member of an extraterrestrial organization whose goal is to invade Earth. Despite his mission, Warmono-san is a complex character who shows that even villains need a break. The series follows his adventures on his days off, where he engages in mundane activities like visiting the zoo to see pandas or enjoying an ice cream. These moments of tranquility contrast with his everyday life as a villain, creating a rich and multifaceted narrative.

The series also introduces the Rangers, a team dedicated to stopping Warmono-san and his colleagues. However, even they respect Warmono-san‘s days off, adding a humorous and humanizing touch to the story. The series stands out for its ability to blend elements of comedy, action, and drama, creating a unique and memorable reading experience.


Kyūjitsu no Warumono-san / Mr. Villain’s Day Off” is not just a manga and anime; it’s an exploration of life’s duality and the importance of rest and relaxation, even for a villain. With its anime adaptation about to arrive and its growing international popularity, this series is destined to become an important part of the modern cultural landscape.

Tell us, have you read or heard of Mr. Villain’s Day Off? Whether you know it or not, but already want to delve more into the story of this unique world, welcome to our side! Come on, tell us in the comments what you think of this upcoming release! As always, we’ll be reading 😉

Images Source: VAP Official YouTube Channel, YouTube