Moya, 13, and Her ‘This Is My Story’ Make Waves

November 14, 2023

As many already know, recently high school students have been making waves on Japanese social media. As an example of this, Hikiniku, from the popular YouTube channel Kozou Tyonmage, dedicated to high school students and boasting 1.54 million subscribers, and on the other hand, the 15-year-old high school student Tuki, who reached number one on Japan’s virtual Spotify list with her hit “Bansanka“.

This time, our inspiration comes from Moya, a 13-year-old high school student who started working as a global model for the Lucy Pop high school uniform brand six months ago, in May. This talented young artist released her original single “This Is My Story” on international streaming services this November 12, and she did it on her own record label, “Moya Records“! In this way, she made a grand entrance into the music world at an age that still promises a lot for the coming years.

Source: Moya Official YouTube Channel

Taking inspiration from artists like Bruno Mars, with the dream of becoming an international artist, Moya asked her father for help in translating English lyrics she had created at school. Her father contacted his friend, music producer U SKE ASADA, who is also a native English speaker, to translate the lyrics and direct the track’s composition. The music video was directed by Dai Hasegawa, who teaches Moya to play bass. The video was shot at Moya‘s school, where she wrote the lyrics, and focused on scenes of Moya in a Lucy Pop school uniform, for which she is a global model.

Moya herself organized the camera work, lighting, and editing, and the choreography was created by Natsukiii, who also gives Moya lessons. As a result of this combination of effort and talent, viewers will see scenes, among others, of the girl dancing on the school roof!

In addition to her interest in learning to play bass, Moya is keen on playing other instruments. With her father’s help, she found other artists and musicians on TikTok and YouTube, and contacted them in English; artists like Ecuadorian guitarist John Carpio, Spanish drummer Darío de la Rosa, who currently lives in the United States, or Canadian bassist Colin Sankey.

Combining the work of these international artists, with U SKE ASADA on keyboards, they created special instrumental tracks to accompany the song, making both instrumental and karaoke versions of these tracks available on streaming services.

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On a personal note, I must say that I’ve had the pleasure of listening to Moya and her beautiful “This Is My Story“, sung by her in perfect-sounding English, combined with an enveloping melody, and I honestly loved it! I can only have positive expectations for the future of this talented young artist.

Here and now, I declare myself a fan of Moya!

And you? Click on the link to “This Is My Story” and let me know in the comments what you think, to see if you also count yourself among her new fans. I’ll be reading!

Images Source: JAPANESE CULTURE PR TEAM, Moya Official YouTube Channel, YouTube