“Mashle” Surprises with Its Sequel Reveal

May 27, 2024

The announcement came from the official Aniplex YouTube channel: we’re talking about the confirmation of the highly anticipated sequel to “Mashle: Magic and Muscles,” titled “Mashle: Magic and Muscles –A Study in Cream–.” The announcement was broadcast along with a promotional trailer, where we can see relevant scenes from the series so far, and then in capital letters, the official name of this new installment of the franchise. You can enjoy the video below:

Source: ANIPLEX Official YouTube Channel

The news is very fresh, specifically from the morning of this May 26th. In an update from the official Aniplex YouTube channel, this new teaser was uploaded, announcing and confirming this sequel to “Mashle: Magic and Muscles.” After the examination of the divine visionaries, which was the previous arc, now it is “A Study in Cream,” or the “shu-cream,” which are the characteristic buns of our Mash. In this teaser, we see the protagonist and his companions in significant scenes, and a jump to the present in the fight to defeat Innocent Zero.

Technically, the series will be directed by Tomoyo Tanaka, who has also been the director of the acclaimed series “Engage Kiss,” and the studio behind the animation will be A-1 Pictures, so we can expect brilliant work, as is typical of the well-known studio. We remain awaiting more detailed information in future public announcements, but it must be said that after this bombshell, the hype has soared to the skies, with great anticipation for the events to come.

We’ve seen how the previous season of “Mashle“, the exams for divine visionary, have caused a stir, becoming the best of its season, offering us the opening “Bling bang bang born” by Creepy Nuts. Let’s just hope that this season delights us with the same quality as the previous one, in terms of animation, adaptation, and musical aspect. The adventures continue with their usual humor, at least as presented in the manga by Hajime Komoto, which is having a smashing global success, reminding us of the works of ONE (creator of Mob Psycho and One Punch Man). With this recent announcement, the community has fully regained hopes that the entire story of the manga will be adapted into its anime version, as it has always been easy to empathize with its endearing characters and motivating plot.

You remember what “Mashle” is about, right?

The plot of “Mashle” takes us into the shoes of Mash Burnedead, a boy who was born without magic in a world where magical power is everything. His father, who loves him dearly, has kept him hidden from society, as his mere existence is considered heresy. In his life, Mash has been physically trained by his father, to a point where now his body is a weapon capable of breaking mountains with mere physical strength. In a moment of carelessness, Mash goes out on the street and is discovered by magical security officers, suddenly putting to the test the tranquility and peace of his life up to that point.

Now his goal is to go to Easton, a prestigious magic school and become a great sorcerer without using magic, since to keep his family in peace, he must demonstrate that even without magic, one can be a capable person. Mash‘s adventures lead him towards an endless number of obstacles, meeting charismatic friends along the way and delving deeper into the truth of this aristocratic world.

Yes, we definitely count ourselves among the members of the community whose hype is now through the roof, but… what about you? Come on, be nice and drop your opinion in the comments, will you? You know, we’ll be reading! 🙂

Images Source: ANIPLEX Official YouTube Channel, Reddit