Love Live!: Conquering Depression Through Anime

February 12, 2024

A certain user on “X” (Twitter) has recently become a trending topic after sharing a moving video revealing how they managed to beat depression with the crucial help of the “Love Live! School Idol Project” franchise. In their heartfelt testimony, the user “@Rmrl_l” shares that in 2010 they were battling severe depression due to various life factors, including serious sleep issues. However, everything changed one day when their father was watching something about “Love Live!” on TV, which sparked their interest in the popular Idol girls franchise.

The video, narrated with the help of kitty memes, attempts to describe the different stages the user went through to get to know and fall in love with “Love Live!“, leading him to consider himself cured of depression by 2016! Accompanying the video, the user also expressed gratitude towards his father, whom he describes as the “greatest otaku he admired,” for opening the door to the franchise that literally changed his life, 100% for the better.

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There are many noteworthy factors here, but among them, the user’s testimony emphasizes the positive impact that entertainment content (in general), like “Love Live!“, can have on people’s mental health. This franchise tells a story about a group of girls forming a “school-idol” group and has proven to be a source of inspiration and motivation for many fans across various ages and genders, offering stories of personal growth, teamwork, and friendship, among others.

Perhaps much of what is said here might be hard to understand or process for those who have not suffered from conditions like depression, among others, but it is significantly important that a person can find solace and strength in an anime series like “Love Live!“; undoubtedly, it reflects the power of entertainment as a way to escape from reality and find an emotional connection with the characters and stories, or in other words, that same empathy we all manage to feel towards some characters in particular, as well as their life stories, for many, it might simply be something that helps to “get into the story,” but for others, it might mark that very necessary “connection” that could even change their lives forever. For many fans, these fictional experiences can serve as a safe haven and a source of hope in difficult times.

The user “@Rmrl_l” also highlights the importance of family support in the fight against depression. The most significant fact, from their perspective, might be that their own father was a key figure in their recovery process from depression; something that underscores the value of love and unconditional support from family members, loved ones, or trusted individuals in times of need. The story of “@Rmrl_l” is a touching note that reminds us of the transformative power of entertainment and the positive impact it can have on mental health. Their personal testimony emphasizes the importance of seeking help, finding comfort in difficult moments, and also underscores the beauty of human connections and the importance of mutual support in battling depression.

Message from user “@Rmrl_l”:

The video is a testament to the greatness and gratitude towards my father, the greatest otaku I ever admired. I can’t thank my father enough for the many times he reached out to me, even though I was no longer a child. How can depression be cured so easily? I believe it entirely depends on the individual. I am not completely cured and continue to take medication. But I can sleep, I am independent, and I can study and work.

Fortunately, my father is still in excellent health, and now I am repaying him in many ways. Definitely, thanks to my father, I am who I am today, so I want to fulfill any filial duty that comes to mind… I won’t talk about my mother here because it would be too complicated. The reason why I don’t attend live shows and don’t read some media is also related to this depression. I’m not a good person to talk about my mother, so I won’t mention her here…

I try to manage my illness by prioritizing my daily life and limiting my activities to social media. I’ve heard that this disease is prone to relapses. I am very grateful to everyone who has read this far. I wrote this article for those interested in the aftermath, gratitude to my parents, and additional information. I was also glad to be able to talk about my father, whom I admire, on Twitter.

While stories like “@Rmrl_l“‘s highlight the healing power and comfort that entertainment, particularly anime, can offer, it’s crucial to acknowledge that depression and other mental health disorders might require professional intervention. Although “Love Live!” and similar series can provide a source of inspiration and escape, we strongly encourage those struggling with their mental health to seek advice and support from health professionals. Combining hobbies and passions that we hold dear, along with professional care and guidance, can create a more robust path to recovery and well-being.

The value of stories that move us and connect us with deep experiences and emotions is immeasurable, but so is the value of mental health and overall well-being. The otaku community, rich in empathy and understanding, should always encourage its members to take care of themselves and others, reminding that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Final Note

It’s very likely that all of us, or at least most of us, know or have personally experienced conditions as unfortunately common as depression or anxiety. The testimony of user “@Rmrl_l” is just one of many cases that, thanks to the power of social media, has been known and shared, reaching many people, BUT, most of the time, it’s not easy to recognize, accept, and eventually seek the necessary help when in the midst of such seemingly hopeless situations. It’s especially important to strive to identify such factors and do what we can to support, accompany these healing processes, and literally “BE THERE” for people who need it, whenever possible.

The story of “@Rmrl_l” underscores the power of finding inspiration and support in both our passions and the people around us. While the value of these discoveries is immense, acknowledging the need for professional help, as we mentioned earlier, is a brave step towards recovery. Therefore, we encourage you to explore the mental health resources we’ve compiled, available right below. Your journey towards well-being starts with a click:

Consider this an open call to empathy, which in many, or most cases, can mean the difference between falling into a pit with no way out and achieving that significant change that can literally help save a life, or many.

We warmly invite you to share in the comments, if you wish, your personal experiences or those you know of loved ones, about this fight that is NOT a work of fiction, but undoubtedly, is equally an epic battle waged (and being waged) in hundreds of thousands of lives, both in the past and present. You know, we’ll be reading! ❤️

Remember: empathy. It’s free. 😉

Info & Images Source: Otakomu, Reddit, X (Twitter)