“Kaya-chan wa Kowakunai” to Become an Anime

April 9, 2024

Okay, we know we need to handle any information from a leak with care, but with that said, let’s get to the facts. One of these recent leaks has revealed that the horror manga “Kaya-chan wa Kowakunai” will be adapted into a television series for Japanese TV.

As expected, it’s too early to have more information about this emerging project, so we have no choice but to wait for an official announcement that includes more details, both about production and the voice cast. Hopefully, it will be soon 😉

The horror manga “Kaya-chan wa Kowakunai” is written and illustrated by Yuri Tarou and has been published in the pages of Kurage Bunch magazine by Shinchosha Publishing since April 2022, with four collected volumes available in the Japanese market to date.

What is the manga “Kaya-chan wa Kowakunai” about?

The manga tells the enchanting and thrilling story of a little girl named Kaya and her adventures in kindergarten. Unlike her peers, Kaya possesses a unique ability: she can see ghosts. However, what truly sets Kaya apart is her brave and fearless attitude; she is not scared of ghosts at all. With her heart full of curiosity and compassion, she embarks on a series of supernatural adventures, becoming a kind of bridge between the world of the living and the dead.

Throughout the series, Kaya encounters a variety of spirits in her kindergarten, each with their own story and reasons for remaining in the earthly realm. Some are friendly and seek companionship, while others are tormented by unresolved matters or emotions. With a mix of childlike innocence and an unusual wisdom for her age, Kaya approaches these ghosts, listening to their stories and helping them find peace. Her interactions not only provide comfort to the spirits but also teach valuable life lessons to Kaya and her kindergarten friends.

The series also explores themes of friendship, acceptance, and overcoming fear. As Kaya helps the ghosts, she also inspires those around her to face their own fears and prejudices. Her adventures foster a supportive and understanding environment among the children, showing that bravery comes in all shapes and sizes. “Kaya-chan wa Kowakunaiis not just a story about ghosts; it is a celebration of kindness, courage, and the wonder of childhood.

Okay, I think we all inevitably find similarities between the stories of “Kaya-chan wa Kowakunai” and our beloved “Mieruko-chan,” right? Anyway, I think the fact that the action takes place in a kindergarten gives the story a strong touch of originality and innocence. Now be a good boy, don’t make the teacher scold you, and go ahead and leave your opinion in the comments, okay? You know, I’ll be reading! 🙂

Images Source: Reddit, Pinterest