John Wick is Coming to the World of Anime!

November 12, 2023

Shocking and exciting revelation from Chad Stahleski, director of the John Wick franchise: the bogeyman of the world of assassins will have his anime!

During an appearance on The Discourse podcast, Chad Stahleski spoke about the news and shared some information about this project, which, according to him, is already underway. The director expressed excitement about the new creative direction, emphasizing the collaboration with Japanese talents to make the anime…:

“We are really excited. We’re doing a Japanese anime because I love Japanese anime so much. To create all the cool stories that anime can achieve better than us, and the TV show to expand our world. We’ll keep getting our fix, you know? And keep having fun.”

In the world of anime, action and world-building have been concepts that remained separate, according to Stahleski. However, the director claims he is striving to combine both aspects, offering fans a unique experience.

“I think, especially for TV, world-building and action have remained quite separate. But, what if you try to combine them and give fans both? Look, I also love intrigue, but after six installments, I’d like something to happen in my TV shows, you know? So trying to bring that to the screen would be really exciting.”

This is not the first small screen project for our beloved John Wick, at least outside of the cinema, since The Continental, a miniseries that has received mixed reviews, was recently released. When asked about that project, Chad Stahleski made it clear that he had little to do with its development, except for the role of a “consultant,” so to speak. Currently, his creative focus is on developing the John Wick anime, which promises great surprises soon.

On some platforms, there is speculation about whether the project in question is a feature film, sequel, prequel, or episodic series. My personal opinion, taking into account some details expressed by Stahleski, is that it could be a series. The director places a lot of emphasis on the small screen, and it is already known that he is a big fan of anime, as he himself has declared on other occasions, so it would not be far-fetched to suppose that he is working on a work oriented to the most common goal of anime.

And while part of the fan community debates the details of this project, the other part searches everywhere for news and information about the fifth chapter of the franchise, for which we have barely seen a trailer but we still do not have release dates or other information.

We can only wait for the executive body to choose the right studio abroad to handle a legend the size of John Wick, but we have confidence that they will. Anyway, whatever it is, and already anxious for such news, we can only bite our nails and wait, as we usually do for so many other reasons XD.

And you? Do you like John Wick? Are you a fan of Chad Stahleski‘s work? Leave us your opinion about the saga in the comments, or your expectations, or just tell us what your favorite installment has been. Personally, I think John Wick: Chapter 4 was literally epic!

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Images Source: Reddit, Pinterest