I Parry Everything Will Have Its Anime Adaptation

November 4, 2023

This exciting announcement was made through a press release, which has generated fervent enthusiasm among fans of the light novel series. The works, which are the fruit of author Nabeshiki’s ingenuity and creativity, have carved a prominent place in the hearts of genre enthusiasts, who will now see the narrative come to life on screen. While the wait to learn who will be in charge of production and the voices behind the iconic characters continues, the promise of an imminent reveal keeps fans’ expectations high.

Source: Earthstart Entertainment Official YouTube Channel

The saga began in September 2020, when Nabeshiki and the publisher Earth Star Entertainment embarked on the release of the novels, which quickly captured the public’s imagination thanks to the combination of an engaging narrative and expressive illustrations provided by Kawaguchi. Such was the reception that a manga adaptation was greenlit, brought to life by KRSG. This manga made its debut on the pages of Comic Earth Star magazine, sharing the release date with the novels and extending the reach of the story to an even larger audience.

I Parry Everything:

The plot of “I Parry Everything” immerses us in the heart of the Kingdom of Clays, a land teetering on the knife’s edge after the shocking assassination of Princess Lynneburg. This unfortunate event is the catalyst for a series of events that bring the kingdom to the brink of collapse, while neighboring nations look on with covetous eyes, ready to exploit any sign of weakness and orchestrate the fall of the once mighty realm. This conflict, rooted in crisis, is destined to leave an indelible mark on the continent’s history, one that will be remembered for centuries.

What Do You Mean I’m the Strongest?

Yet, amid this whirlwind of despair and power plays, our unlikely hero, Noor, appears, whose arrival in the royal capital after a decade of rigorous training in his remote mountain home confronts him with a reality utterly alien to his expectations. Noor, with his heart inflamed by the childhood longing to become an adventurer, soon realizes that his unique specialization—a prodigious ability to parry, or “make parry,” thousands of swords in the blink of an eye—is undervalued in a world that prizes a broader range of magical and combat skills. Despite this, Noor is not discouraged and is more than willing to work hard to prove that his prowess is not just a gimmick but a valuable capacity worthy of a true adventurer.

I’m Not Even an Adventurer Yet!

From his earliest childhood, Noor has been enthralled by the legends told by his father, tales filled with brave adventurers who defied the impossible: those who broke the darkest curses, faced and hunted formidable dragons, and emerged as savior heroes in the most desperate circumstances. With these stories etched in his soul, Noor has understood that true adventure requires not only bravery but also exceptional skills and an indomitable spirit. His path will be filled with trials and tribulations but also growth and unexpected discoveries. This long and arduous journey will not only define his fate but will also unveil the truth of a tumultuous kingdom and, perhaps, change the course of the continent’s history forever.

Umm… Do you know how to parry? Just between us, I’m terrible at it haha… To think about parrying a thousand swords in the blink of an eye, and honestly, I wouldn’t undervalue that ability… XD

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Images Source: Earthstart Entertainment Official YouTube Channel, YouTube