Hyouka Anime Author's Father is Missing

Hyouka Anime Author’s Father is Missing

August 7, 2023

Yonezawa Honobu, the author of Hyouka, is currently facing a harrowing situation as his father has mysteriously disappeared. He returns to his Twitter profile to search for help and hopes to reunite with his father.

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Hyouka Anime Author’s Father is Missing

Although he initially shared his heartfelt plea on Twitter, he later decided to remove the post. His deleted message is below:

Sorry for the suddenness. It’s a private matter, but my family hasn’t come back since they went fishing. It has been handed over to the police. If anyone sees a red bean-colored Aqua (Toyota) parked in a suspicious place along the Inukami River basin in Shiga Prefecture, the Uso River basin, or along National Route 21 from Gifu City to Shiga Prefecture, please let me know. Could you please?

However, he provided an update that his father’s car had been found, but unfortunately, his father is still missing. This update clarifies that only his father is missing, not the entire family.

Currently, Yonezawa Honobu finds himself anxiously waiting at home, eagerly anticipating any news regarding his father’s whereabouts. Authorities have been notified, and are actively searching nearby areas where his father may have been fishing.

In the face of this sad situation, fans have come together on Twitter, sending messages of support to the author. We will continue to keep everyone updated on any developments regarding the case. We Hope and pray he finds his father.

Source: TwitterX