Holiday Matsuri December 20 to 22. 3 Nights of Fun

November 20, 2023

What is Holiday Matsuri?

This annual event, also known as “HolMat“, is a festively themed Anime, Gaming, and Cosplay convention. Every December, thousands gather during the holiday season to celebrate their common interests and favorite fandoms. What makes Holiday Matsuri special is that it adds a festive and seasonal twist to the already fantastic convention experience, creating a burst of holiday joy that undoubtedly has something for everyone.

This amazing event takes place in Orlando, Florida. On its Official Page, in addition to buying a ticket to attend, you can take a look at everything HolMat has to offer, although we will obviously give you a preview here:


Among other things, at the convention, you can find various activities, such as cosplay contests, workshops, and interactive panels, holiday shopping, gaming tournaments and dances, and much more! As their page says:

“HolMat is the perfect place to connect with members of the community, share your passion with fellow fans, and spread the joy of the winter season.”

This year, the organization announces that they will take the festivities to a whole new level, with no less than THREE nights of pure fun, ending activities at 2:00 AM, allowing you to enjoy the charms of Holiday Matsuri until late hours of each of the three nights.

What will you find at Holiday Matsuri?

  • Holiday Cosplay, which promises to be the ultimate festive fusion of Anime and Cosplay, filled with thematic costumes of the festive winter season.
  • Gaming and Tournaments, the best gaming experience in a location of over 40,000 square feet where you will find, in addition to gaming rooms, console games, retro, international machines, free games, and epic tournaments with more than $20,000 in prizes!
  • Special Guests, among whom you can meet the stars and voice actors behind your favorite anime and game characters. You can interact with them, ask questions, take selfies, and keep those memories forever.
  • Events and Panels where you can enjoy the special programming that HolMat has prepared for you: super interesting debates, practical workshops, community panels, and, as if that were not enough, special guest speakers to chat, inform you, and put into practice your love for anime, cosplay, and games.
  • Vendor Room and Artist Alley, where you’ll want to arrive with plenty of space in your backpack. There, you’ll find that perfect gift, or that treasure you couldn’t even imagine, of course, all inspired by those common interests we all share. Otaku chooses, otaku gifts, otaku happy 🙂
  • Dances and Raves where you can dance all night long, enjoying electrifying and thematic rhythms, set in the holiday spirit. A lively and safe environment, where you can enjoy with friends, family, or simply make new friends with so much in common.

Do we need to tell you more?

Well yes, we will tell you more! Where exactly will Holiday Matsuri take place?

Holiday Matsuri will be held at the Marriott World Center, Orlando, Florida (8701 World Center Dr, Orlando, FL 32821). Those who attend will have the option to stay at the Marriott, Caribe Royal, or Holiday Inn Resort Suites & Water Park. Logically, it is advisable to keep this in mind and choose in advance, while there are still vacancies!

By the way, from its Official Page, you can book your preferred hotel.

So now: What are you waiting for to decide? I am already booking my place, what about you? Come on, tell us in the comments what will be your favorite activities at HolMat 2023!! We will obviously be reading you!

See you all in Orlando!

Images Source: Holiday Matsuri Official Page, YouTube.