Gear 5 Luffy: Why Cartoonish?

Gear 5 Luffy: Why Cartoonish?

August 7, 2023

One Piece’s Gear 5 Luffy transformation stands apart from all of Luffy’s previous power-ups and remains unmatched in the larger world of One Piece. The uniqueness of the transformation surprised both anime viewers, non-manga fans, and fans of the series.

Gear 5 Luffy: Why Cartoonish?

During a pivotal battle between Kaido and Luffy, Luffy’s sudden change in power surprised many. The drastic change from a near-death situation to playing Kaido effortlessly, with uncontrollable laughter, was a shocking twist that caught the audience off guard.

Notably, this particular One Piece episode marks a remarkable departure in animation style, resembling classic cartoon animation, reminiscent of the sound effects heard in Looney Tunes. This combination of visuals and audio further adds to the awe-inspiring and exceptional nature of the Gear 5 transformation. Also, One Piece Fans Watching Luffy’s Gear 5 on P.rnhub and Xideos After Official Site Crash.

Why Gear 5 Looks Different?

According to Eiichiro Oda, the brilliant mind behind “One Piece,” the Gear 5’s cartoonish look draws inspiration from classic cartoons like “Tom and Jerry.” Oda’s main objective was to revive the playful and expressive style that had once characterized manga but had gradually faded over time. Moving away from the increasingly serious tone found in many war manga, he wanted to infuse “One Piece” with a more lighthearted and enjoyable approach.

During an interview with Gosho Awama, the writer of “Detective Conan,” Oda elaborated on his desire to inject humor into the combat and prevent “One Piece” from becoming too corny. To achieve this, he incorporated traditional symbolic expressions, such as the character’s legs spinning in circles while running, elements that he noticed were declining in modern manga.

With this goofy adaptation, Eiichiro Oda skillfully sets “One Piece” apart from other shonen anime. In the realm of shonen anime, it is common for main characters to have power-ups that show them surrounded by intense auras. However, the Gear 5 takes a completely different route, without the conventional horror look or aura. It defies expectations, differentiating “One Piece” from the usual power-ups seen in other series.

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