FripSide’s ‘Red Liberation’ Released on October

October 21, 2023

‘The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess’ Opening Theme, fripSide‘s ‘Red Liberation’ was released on October 11th! The official music video premiered on October 18th.

This is fripSide’s second single since becoming a dual lead vocal unit. Check out this rocking sound brimming with strength and passion, and lyrics that evoke the determination and growth of the series’ main protagonist, Komari. The full version of the official music video for ‘Red Liberation’ premiered on October 18.

Source: fripSide official Youtube channel

On November 8th, 2023, fripSide will release their second original album since they entered Phase 3, ‘infinite Resonance 2’ and they will also perform live in solo headlining concerts in Osaka and Tokyo. Moreover, on January 8th, 2024, they also plan to hold the ‘fripSide 20th Anniversary Festival 2023 -All Phases Assembled’ concert, featuring all current and former vocalists together to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the group.


fripSide are a musical group that have turned their hand to a large number of anime and game theme songs. They started out in 2003, with Satoshi Yaginuma at the helm. In Phase 1 of the group, he released some music on indie labels in tandem with vocalist Nao before they made their major label debut. Nao left the group in 2009.

In the same year, Yoshino Nanjo joined the group as the Phase 2 vocalist. The group gained popularity after the release of their 1st single ‘only my railgun’ (the opening theme tune to the anime series ‘A Certain Scientific Railgun’) became a hit. Since then they have made their presence felt in the anime song scene with their entirely unique digital sound and beautiful melodies. Through activities like performing in solo-headlining stadium shows in Yokohama Arena and Saitama Super Arena, fripSide are gaining in popularity.

In 2022, after almost 13 years acting as a vocalist for fripSide, Yoshino Nanjo left the group. In Phase 3, Mao Uesugi and Hisayo Abe joined the group and it became the dual lead vocal group it is today. As well as transitioning to become a dual lead vocal group, fripSide have incorporated skillful chorus work, and are now moving to place more emphasis on live performances and increasing their expressive power as a unit. In October 2023 they released the opening theme tune to the anime series ‘The Vexation of a Shut-In Vampire Princess’ and in addition, in November they will release their second album as Phase 3, ‘infinite Resonance 2’.

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A little bit about ‘The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess’

Terakomari Gandesblood is the daughter of the Gandesblood family, a prestigious noble family in the Mulnite Empire. Although she is a vampire, Komari cannot drink blood and she is suffering from the triple
handicap of being unable to use magic, unable to exercise, and unable to grow tall, she has been living as a recluse for three years. One day, however, her father, a doting parent, finds her an extraordinary job. The name is “Shichikouten-General”! It is a very hard position that only the fiercest one in the empire can hold, and it requires them to wage war against other countries and win every three months. Furthermore, her subordinates are all former criminals, and they are all ready to take the place of Komari, who has been appointed as general. She wants to refuse, but since she was appointed by the emperor, she is not even allowed to quit.

Credits: ©Kotei Kobayashi – SB Creative Corp. / Shut-In Vampire Princess Committee

If her true ability is revealed, she will fall into the destruction immediately… Even so, Komari uses bluff and cuteness as weapons to carry out her mission!

“What I am going to do is the simplest supremacy of all: Terakomari Gandesblad is going to kill all the generals of the other five nations by force of arms and announce the prestige of the Mulnite to the entire world!”

The history-making advance by the strongest (!?) Vampire Princess is about to begin!

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Images Source: JAPANESE CULTURE PR TEAM, fripSide official Youtube channel, Kotei Kobayashi – SB Creative Corp. / Shut-In Vampire Princess Committee