June 16, 2024

Okay, now we’re going about a month into the future, and don’t say we didn’t give you a heads-up, okay? It’s time for one of the most important events held in the USA, and more specifically in sunny Miami, Florida.

As the calendar moves towards July, anticipation grows for Florida Supercon 2024, which will take place from July 12 to 14 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. This annual event is a must-attend for pop culture fans, offering a rich and diverse mix of comics, anime, games, and more.

Started in 2006, Florida Supercon has significantly expanded over the years, becoming one of the largest conventions of its kind in Florida. Organized by ReedPop, it is known for its inclusive atmosphere and for bringing together a diverse community that shares a common passion for pop culture. Over the years, the convention has been the stage for exclusive releases and panels with industry experts.

Why should you not miss it?

This year, the event promises an impressive lineup of guests, including actors from cult series like “Doctor Who” (David Tennant, also remembered for his masterful portrayal of Barty Crouch Jr. in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”). Additionally, fans will be able to enjoy a wide variety of exhibitors and activities, such as cosplay contests and interactive panels. One of the highlights will be the Supercon Championships of Cosplay, part of the global cosplay competition circuit organized by ReedPop.

Among the confirmed guests for this year are prominent figures from the world of tokusatsu, such as Yasuhisa Furuhara from “Engine Sentai Go-Onger” and Shinji Kasahara from “Mirai Sentai TimeRanger”. Both actors are known for their roles in these iconic Japanese series and will participate in panels and autograph sessions.

Here’s a brief summary of the most notable confirmed personalities, among many others:

  • David Tennant – Known for his role in “Doctor Who“, and in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, as mentioned earlier. Tennant will be present only on Saturday, participating in photo sessions and autographs.
  • Yasuhisa Furuhara – This actor from “Engine Sentai Go-Onger” will be available for meet and greets and photo sessions.
  • Shinji Kasahara – Famous for his role in “Mirai Sentai TimeRanger“, Kasahara joins the guest list in his first appearance at an American convention.
  • Hidenori Tokuyama – Known for his roles in “Kamen Rider Kabuto” and “Engine Sentai Go-Onger“, will also make his first appearance at a convention in the United States.
  • Matthew Mercer – Recognized for his voice acting work in numerous video games and anime series, especially as the voice of McCree in “Overwatch” and various characters in “Critical Role”.
  • Laura Bailey – Famous for her voice-over work in games like “The Last of Us Part II”, where she plays Abby, and also known for her participation in “Critical Role”.

Florida Supercon in History

Previous editions of Florida Supercon have left memorable marks with highlights and announcements that have shaped its history. Over the years, the event has hosted panels with renowned guests, exclusive reveals, and a vibrant display of cosplay.

  • In particular, the 2022 edition was notable for its diverse panels, which included retrospective discussions on iconic series such as “The Walking Dead”, with actors like Cooper Andrews, Ross Marquand, and Seth Gilliam. Dante Basco also provided an in-depth look at his experience in “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, and exciting panels were held with the voice actors of “One Piece”, discussing the series’ highlights and its ongoing impact.
  • In previous events, Florida Supercon also announced the addition of significant guests like Chris Patton, a well-known anime voice actor, and iconic figures such as Michael Winslow, known for his roles in movies like “Police Academy”. These announcements have been crucial in attracting a broad audience, demonstrating the diversity and richness of the event’s programming.
  • In 2010, Florida Supercon expanded its guest list with notable personalities from the world of comics and animation, including Gene Colan, a legendary artist whose works range from “Iron Man” to “Doctor Strange”. These types of presences have enriched panel sessions and provided fans with invaluable interactions with influential creators in the industry.

Each year, Florida Supercon not only establishes itself as a key event for genre enthusiasts but also serves as a platform for significant announcements and exclusive releases that capture the attention of the public and specialized media.

With confirmed attendance of personalities like David Tennant, Matthew Mercer, and Laura Bailey, along with a variety of interactive activities, panels, and autograph sessions, Florida Supercon 2024 promises to be an unmissable event. This year, the convention is shaping up to be an epic celebration of pop culture that no fan should miss. With all this and much more, Florida Supercon will not only be a memorable experience but also a unique opportunity to create unforgettable memories in the vibrant atmosphere of Miami Beach.

Now, how about heading to the comments to let us know your thoughts on this fabulous, iconic Florida convention? Or even better, if you’ve been to one, why not share your best moments? They must have been epic. You know otaku, we’ll be reading! 🙂

Info & Images Source: Florida Supercon Official Page, Reddit