Dorohedoro Will Return with a Sequel!

January 14, 2024

It has been just over 3 years since the Netflix (Japan) platform broadcast the last chapter of the anime adaptation of the manga “Dorohedoro”, written and illustrated by Q Hayashida. And precisely, as we approach a new anniversary of its premiere, it has been made known through its official accounts on networks like X (Twitter), the incredible news that has caused great excitement among the fan community of the franchise: “Dorohedoro” will have a sequel!

Indeed, just a few days ago it was announced on the website and official networks of “Dorohedoro” that the series will return with a sequel in the format of a “broadcast series”, and a first promotional image alluding to this new installment has even been revealed.

As expected, it is still too early to know too many details of this new project, as those responsible have not made public anything about the composition of the technical team. However, we hope that sooner rather than later we will have news published about this on the same networks and the official site, including, obviously, a tentative premiere date. We hope it will be just a few months away.

A Bit of History

Dorohedoro” is a manga written and illustrated by Q Hayashida, whose publication began in the year 2000, in Shogakukan‘s Gekka Ikki magazine, and then moved to other magazines like Hibana, in 2015, and then Monthly Shonen Sunday, in 2017, where it continued to be published uninterruptedly until 2018.

The anime adaptation of the manga “Dorohedoro” premiered on January 13, 2020, on the Netflix (Japan) platform, and had a total of 12 episodes, being produced by the MAPPA animation studio.

What is “Dorohedoro” About?

The plot of “Dorohedoro” places us in a dark and merciless setting called Hole, a chaotic and decadent district where everyone is governed by “the law of the strongest”, and it is common to see people die during the day as well as at night. This place, which remains outside of any ethics, and any coherent or simply legal moral judgment, serves as a testing ground for those privileged who possess mastery of magic, an elite of society who firmly believe that the inhabitants of Hole are mere insects, disposable cannon fodder, ready to be mutilated or used as experimental guinea pigs without even a hint of remorse. In this context, those who dominate the use of magic display limitless power. Their authority is unchallenged and unrestrained in any form, and they have unrestricted access to the Hole district, where they are basically seen as untamable by most, although… most are not all.

Caiman, a being more reptilian than human, presents himself as an exception to the totalitarian rule of this magical elite. Armed with a pair of bayonets and boasting a completely unusual immunity to magic, he tirelessly pursues magic users in search of answers to help in his primary quest, his goal of regaining his normal life, as he is cursed by his appearance and tormented by terrible nightmares that give him no rest.

And, despite the complexity of the scenario, Caiman is not alone in his journey. Nikaidou, his partner and owner of the Hungry Bug restaurant, turns out to be his most valuable ally. Thus, with unlimited access to the cesspool, and ample determination when challenging the magic users, this peculiar pair delves into a world where the line between human and monstrous becomes blurred, and the struggle for survival, and even for normality, become as commonplace as the air they breathe.

Personally, I find the plot of “Dorohedoro” simply fascinating, both for its setting and environment, as well as its characters, and that constant struggle against magic users. What do you think? Come on, please, your comments are yours, we will be reading you! 😉

Images Source: Dorohedoro Official Site, Reddit