Dino Crisis Could Get a Remake? Capcom Poll!!

April 2, 2024

“It’s been 84 years…” ok, no, but it has been 21 years since we last heard from the beloved franchise, “Dino Crisis,” and that’s only if we’re considering its third installment, which, besides being considered disappointing by most of the franchise’s fans, has also been widely debated as simply not being canonical, without going into details about its plot or overall functionality. The reality is that more than 2 decades is too long to be waiting for a new redemptive installment after that last failed attempt, or even better, a remake.

Well… maybe not all is lost, gamers. The fact is that many times in the past, we as a community of fans of the saga have requested a remake of those first (or even second) adventures of the redhead Regina and company, but this time there is something different. Capcom has launched a survey, just a couple of days ago, regarding which sagas or franchises we would like to see “resurrected.” On the page, names like “Dead Rising” and “Okami” have appeared in previous surveys, but even in them, there has been a constant, which has been maintained this time, taking (so far) a huge majority of votes: “DINO CRISIS.”

Yes, our beloved “dinosaur Resident Evil” has garnered something more than 200,000 votes in the duration of the survey. Yes, guys, it’s still going, and you can go vote by clicking ON THIS LINK. The thing is, we all agree that, as mentioned before, it has been too long without giving a little love to this saga that today we could consider “cult.” Don’t you think?

Obviously, we don’t have too much information about the results yet, but on the official X (Twitter) account, they have shared some images, among which we can clearly see (among many other words), the words “remake,” along with names like “Dino Crisis” and “Mega Man.” Capcom has expressed a special interest in giving new life to classic sagas, as it has shown with its remakes of the most classic “Resident Evil,” and they wanted to reach out to us, their fervent audience, to know our opinion on which other title should return, and well… it seems we are being quite clear, right?

The Ambitious Resident Evil 9

Resident Evil 4 Remake” arrived last year and climbed effortlessly to firmly establish itself among the best of 2023. “Resident Evil Village,” for its part, already has 3 years of full and healthy life, which means that Capcom has its sights set on the future. Beyond the eighth installment, if we start to do the math, what we should receive, more than a remake, is a ninth numbered installment, which, if certain information that has been leaked recently turns out to be true, could in fact be the most expensive “Resident Evil” to date, or at least the one with the largest budget of the saga, and also close the Ethan trilogy.

But anyway, we choose not to lose hope, especially considering the interest shown in explicitly asking for our feedback on our preferences for future remakes. So, after so many years, maybe not everything is lost, haha.

Let’s see, have you read the whole article, and are you still here? Well, now all you have to do is go through the comments and leave us your favorite moments from “Dino Crisis,” which you surely have very well stored in your memory, because you know, we’ll be reading! 😉

And don’t forget to go vote!

Images Source: X (Twitter), Reddit