Date A Live Franchise is getting a Live-Action Adaptation

Date A Live Live-Action Movie Announced

April 1, 2023

Kadokawa is playing an April Fool’s Day prank by teasing a bogus live-action film adaptation of Date A Live, featuring Kurumi, a fan-favorite character, posing in a chapel. Although it’s a jest announcement, the cosplay photos are definitely worth checking out.

Date A Live Live-Action Movie Announced
Date A Live Live-Action Movie Announced
Date A Live Live-Action Movie Announced
Date A Live Live-Action Movie Announced

Hinano Nitō, a promising talent, modeled for the photos while Cospatio created the costume, which was available for purchase in Japan last year. Ryōji Fukuoka (GEKKO) took the photographs, while Yoshiki Noda (Dragonfly) was in charge of the visual effects.

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If you’re looking for authentic news about the franchise, Kadokawa has announced that it will host a Date A Live anniversary livestream on April 5. The live stream will celebrate the anime’s tenth anniversary and the half-anniversary of the Date A Live Spirit Crisis smartphone game. New details about the forthcoming Date A Live Season 5 anime will be unveiled during the broadcast.

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Source: Kadokawa