“Darwin Jihen” Will Soon Get Its Anime Adaptation

May 22, 2024

A press release announced that the manga written and illustrated by Shun Umezawa, “Darwin Jihen” (“The Darwin Incident“), will receive an anime adaptation. As is customary in such announcements, a very eye-catching promotional image has been included, though no details about a potential release date or production specifics, which are always juicy, have been mentioned; thus, we must resign ourselves to wait.

Regarding this, the author, Shun Umezawa, shared a special illustration on his social networks to celebrate the announcement, accompanied by the following message: “Both the production and the voice actors are 100% serious. As the original author, I can guarantee this. I think it will be a great anime.”

This announcement will be made “public” through the manga on the upcoming May 24, when issue number 7 of Kodansha‘s Monthly Afternoon magazine goes on sale in Japan. We clarify this point because many avid manga readers only learn about new releases through such magazines, and not through portals like this, so for them, the news will become official in a couple of days unless they find out sooner by other means.

Shun Umezawa began publishing the manga through Kodansha‘s Monthly Afternoon magazine in June 2020, where it is still being serialized. Previously, the author published other mangas like “Panty Stocking no Youna Sora no Shita“, “Ippiki to Kyuujuukyuuhiki to“, and “Pinkie wa Nido Bell wo Narasu“.


Darwin Jihen“, also known as “Darwin Incident” in English, follows the intriguing story of a pregnant chimpanzee rescued from an animal experimentation lab by an eco-terrorist organization known as the Animal Liberation Alliance (ALA). This chimpanzee gives birth to a “humanzee“, a hybrid creature half human, half chimpanzee, named Charlie. The plot unfolds fifteen years after this event, focusing on Charlie, who has been raised by human adoptive parents and is about to start his school life at a normal high school, challenging species barriers.

The story takes a turn when Charlie, as he integrates into human society, faces numerous social and personal challenges. At school, he meets Lucy, a classmate who becomes his first friend. However, his “normal” life is constantly threatened by the extremist activities of the ALA, which seeks to use Charlie to promote their radical goals against animal experimentation and animal rights. The tension escalates as the ALA‘s ideals clash with Charlie‘s desire to lead a quiet life and be accepted as another individual in society.

This manga not only offers an action-packed plot and ethical dilemmas but also invites reflection on issues of animal rights, the ethics of genetic experimentation, and the search for identity and acceptance in a world that blurs the lines between human and animal. The story of “Darwin Jihen” becomes a mirror reflecting the complexities of coexistence and integration between different species, underscoring the consequences of human intervention in natural evolution.

As on other occasions, we will have to stay tuned, waiting for more information about this project, but in the meantime, why not drop by the comments to let us know your opinion, what do you say? As always, we’ll be reading! 🙂

Images Source: Reddit