Dahlia In Bloom: Trailer, Staff, And Release Date

January 7, 2024

When we talk about the Isekai genre, it’s never a bad time to add another title to our watch lists, right? Well, here’s one for you:

Recently, the production team of the anime Dahlia in Bloom (Madōgushi Dariya wa Utsumukanai: Kyō kara Jiyū na Shokunin Raifu) released the first promotional trailer for the series. The video features the names of the cast and main staff of the project, which is an adaptation of the graphic novels written by Hisaya Amagishi, and also announces its premiere at some point in this newly arrived year 2024.

The partially revealed voice cast at least shows us the main protagonists: Saori Ōnishi as Dahlia Rosetti, and Atsushi Tamaru as Wolfred Scalfarotto.

Source: Dahlia in Bloom Anime Official YouTube Channel

Yosuke Kubo is directing the anime Dahlia in Bloom for the studio Typhoon Graphics, with collaboration from IMAGICA Lab., a Japanese company specializing in post-production. On the other hand, Yuichiro Higashide (Fate/Aporcypha, Fate/strange Fake: Whispers of Dawn) is in charge of the scripts, and Satomi Kurita (Princess Connect! Re:Dive Season 2, Peach Boy Riverside), for her part, is responsible for character design. Lastly, the musical composition will be provided by Kou Otani (Another, Requiem for the Rose King).

Madōgushi Dariya wa Utsumukanai: Kyō kara Jiyū na Shokunin Raifu,” also known internationally as Dahlia in Bloom, is a series of light novels written by Hisaya Amagishi, first published in April 2018 on the self-publishing site Shōsetsuka ni Narō, where it continues to be serialized to this day. Shortly thereafter, in October 2018, the Media Factory publishing house acquired the rights for its physical release, with the series currently totaling 9 volumes illustrated by Kei. In addition, there are two manga adaptations of the work. The first was published between April 2019 and February 2020, ending with 2 compiled volumes illustrated by Kamada, while the second began serialization in April 2019, with illustrations by Megumi Sumikawa, and currently has 6 compiled volumes published.

The Story of Dahlia in Bloom

As expected, many of us are already familiar with some aspects of stories from this genre. With that said, some peculiarities presented in this story should not surprise us.

After dying from overwork in Japan, Dahlia is reborn in a world full of magic. Raised by a master of magical tool crafting, Dahlia develops a passion for the craft and eventually becomes engaged to her father’s apprentice. However, tragically, before her father can witness his beloved daughter’s wedding, he passes away suddenly. And, as if that weren’t enough, just one day before her wedding, her fiancé reveals that he is in love, but not with her! 💔

Dahlia realizes that she no longer needs to care for others and instead needs to live for and by herself. So from that moment on, she decides to be the master of her own life, dedicating herself to her craft, even if it’s not the peaceful life she expected… From a fortuitous encounter with a knight to the creation of her own company, her path is filled with challenges.

But this young artisan is no longer a delicate little violet; she is Dahlia, and she’s ready to bloom!

Dahlia in Bloom is undoubtedly one of those stories that allow us to empathize with its characters, regardless of our age or gender. Even by just writing this small review of its story, I already feel like I want to know more about her and her adventures, about her story before and from that point on. Don’t you feel the same?

Come on, tell me in the comments what you think of this new proposal within this well-known genre, you know, I’ll be reading! See you 😉

Images Source: Dahlia in Bloom Anime Official YouTube Channel, YouTube