Colors of “Kimi no Iro” Arriving August 30th

March 20, 2024

This past Monday, Science Saru released new information about their film “Kimi no Iro.” As with good announcements, this one came with a new trailer and a promotional image. Through this announcement, they revealed the main cast and confirmed its premiere in Japanese theaters for August 30th.

Source: Official TOHO Movie YouTube Channel

This original story, directed by Naoko Yamada, director of K-ON!, A Silent Voice, and Heike Monogatari, features a main voice cast led by Sayu Suzukawa as Totsuko Higurashi (a girl who can see the colors of others but not her own), Akari Takaishi as Kimi Sakunaga (a girl who cannot tell her family that she dropped out of school), and Taisei Kido as Rui Kagehira (a boy who secretly pursues music, but his mother expects him to become a doctor).

In addition to Naoko Yamada‘s direction, Science Saru has Reiko Yoshida (Tokyo Mew Mew, Love is in the Water) writing and composing the script and Kensuke Ushio (Chainsaw Man, Heavenly Delusion) composing the soundtrack for this film project. Daisuke Richard is in charge of the original character designs, and Takashi Kojima serves as the chief animation director.


The movie “Kimi no Iro” tells the story of Totsuko, a high school student attending a Christian academy in Nagasaki. Totsuko has the unique ability to see people’s hearts as colors, reflecting their emotions: happy, sad, calm, or scared colors. To avoid overshadowing her friends’ and family’s “colors,” Totsuko strives to read the atmosphere and sometimes stretches the truth to keep everyone brightly colored.

Totsuko‘s life changes when she meets a beautiful girl who radiates very striking colors and a boy passionate about music in a secondhand bookstore in a corner of the city. The three come together and form a band to create the music of their adolescence. Together, they navigate the complexities of life and emotions, seeking to express themselves through their music and keep their colors alive.

As Totsuko‘s band, the radiant girl, and the music-loving boy begin to take shape, they face various personal and group challenges. Music becomes their refuge and means of expression, allowing them to channel their emotions and colors creatively. Through their rehearsals, performances, and shared moments, they discover the importance of honesty, friendship, and courage to face reality without losing the essence of their colors. “Kimi no Iro” is a touching story of growth, self-acceptance, and the transformative power of art in the lives of young people.

It must be great to have the power to see the color of people’s energy, their mood, their humor, and know when they need help or when they can help us. Wouldn’t you like that? Okay, August is not April, so your agenda will have a break, but without a doubt, you should not lose sight of the premiere of “Kimi no Iro.” Come on, be nice and leave us your opinion in the comments, please? You know, we’ll be reading! 😉

Images Source: Official TOHO Movie YouTube Channel, YouTube