Boku no Hero Academia Reveals Cover for Volume #39

October 26, 2023

The popular shonen manga “Boku no Hero Academia” (My Hero Academia) has unveiled the cover of its 39th compilation volume on the official website of the Shueisha publishing house.

According to the information provided on Shueisha’s official website, volume #39 of the manga “Boku no Hero Academia” is scheduled to be released in Japan on the 2nd of November this year. The cover of this fantastic compilation features three of the most significant protagonists from the saga: Ochako Uraraka, All Might (in his Yagi Toshinori form), and Shouto Todoroki. It will consist of 184 pages and will be priced at 528 yen.

“My Hero Academia” (Boku no Hero Academia in Japan) is a thrilling action-packed shonen manga created by Kouhei Horikoshi. It began its publication in the renowned Weekly Shonen Jump magazine by Shueisha in July 2014 and has since captured the hearts and minds of audiences of all ages, achieving success with each of the 38 compiled volumes released to date.

The anime adaptation of this fantastic work premiered in April 2016, and so far, it has aired 138 episodes spread across six seasons, complemented by three movies and four OVAs. BONES was the animation studio responsible for the production, with Neji Nagasaki directing the project.

The production of the eagerly anticipated seventh season was announced in March 2023, although no specific release date has been disclosed. And as if that weren’t exciting enough, a new film for this beloved franchise was also announced just a few months later.

The Essence of My Hero Academia

Initially, the universe of “My Hero Academia” was much like the one we know, but at some point in modern times, a child was born in China whose body naturally glowed. From that moment on, individuals with “gifts” or “special abilities” began to emerge worldwide, developing these abilities around the age of 4. Currently, approximately 80% of the global population possesses these special gifts, giving rise to heroes who fight for justice and peace, and villains who pursue personal interests, spreading chaos and violence.

In the following years, the “profession” of Superhero emerged, along with the academic training required to become one. The U.A. High School was founded for this purpose, a highly specialized academy dedicated to training these heroes.

The central plot follows Izuku Midoriya, a young enthusiast and admirer of various heroes, but unfortunately, he was born without a gift. Despite his lack of special abilities, Izuku dreams of protecting others and becoming a hero. Much to his surprise, his life takes a radical turn when he meets the legendary hero All Might, who possesses the most powerful gift known as “All For One”.

Recognising Izuku’s determination and spirit, All Might decides to pass on his power to the young boy, making him his apprentice and giving him the opportunity to attend the exclusive U.A. High School.

Throughout the anime’s expansive storyline and its various arcs, we witness how Izuku and his classmates from class 1A overcome countless challenges, growing stronger and defeating increasingly powerful and deadly enemies. “My Hero Academia” takes us on a journey of self-discovery for each of its characters, where they not only strive to become the best versions of themselves but also overcome their fears, forge strong bonds, and discover the true meaning of “being a hero”.

If you’ve come across “My Hero Academia” before, you’ve surely grown fond of one or more of its characters (I know I have ^^)… Who are your favorite characters? And what are your favorite moments from the story? Let us know in the comments!

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Images Source: Shueisha Official Site, My Hero Academia Official Site.