“ATRI: My Dear Moments” New Thrilling Trailer

June 5, 2024

Okay, without beating around the bush, the anime adaptation of the visual novel “ATRI: My Dear Moments,” released in 2020, will premiere on the 13th of this coming July. Without a doubt, it is one of the top contenders to become one of the best stories within the romance genre. Its considerable fan community has already been taken by surprise with the news, and even more so with the new trailer released by its production team. In addition to confirming the premiere date, the trailer has sent excitement through the roof.

Source: ANIPLEX Official YouTube Channel

This past June 4th, the new preview for the anime adaptation of “ATRI: My Dear Moments” was launched on ANIPLEX‘s official YouTube account, revealing that it will be a joint effort with Aniplex.EXE, in collaboration with the already confirmed TROYCA (IDOLiSH7, Re: Creators). As a result of this team-up, the animation quality is simply dazzling. We also know that Sony Music Labs Inc. will be in charge of sound, which can only mean good things.

As you have seen, the preview very respectfully showcases aspects of the original visual novel. Among other things, we can see Natsuki on his boat or exploring the depths of the sea in his submarine, visiting locations that have been completely covered by water. We can also see ATRI being discovered by the story’s protagonist and being welcomed by some girls on the dock, as well as her first interactions with animals and other human beings. Moreover, fans of the franchise will recognize “a certain confession” in the middle of the trailer.

The second part of the preview shows flashes of what will happen in the anime: ATRI‘s relationship with other characters, her culinary skills, her visit to the school, and her kidnapping. One thing not shown are more hints of the romantic relationship between the protagonists, so we’ll have to wait for another preview or until the anime’s climax to see it. This trailer for “ATRI: My Dear Moments” by ANIPLEX leaves a good taste in your mouth (although inevitably leaving you wanting much more) and high expectations for what is to come in the summer season of 2024.


ATRI: My Dear Moments” tells the story of a near future where the sea level has left much of civilization underwater. Natsuki Ikaruga, who as a child lost his mother and one of his legs in an accident, returns to his village to find that his family’s farmhouse has been swallowed by the sea. Now without family and inheriting a boat, a submarine, and many debts courtesy of his grandmother, his only hope to rid himself of them is to sail to some abandoned ruins where the old woman’s laboratory was located. To his surprise, he will not find jewels, but a girl sleeping in a coffin at the bottom of the sea: ATRI.

ATRI is a remarkable humanoid robot that possesses many human emotions. In gratitude for having saved her from this confinement, ATRI reveals to Natsuki, “I want to fulfill the last order my master gave me. Until I do, I will be your leg!” In this city devastated by the ocean, which will gradually lose ground to the imposing presence of the water, fate holds an unforgettable summer for Natsuki and ATRI.

ATRI: My Dear Moments” is one of those enjoyable stories to watch and delight in, that will surely keep viewers sticking to the screen awaiting the next episode. Don’t you agree? Come on, express yourself, drop by the comments and leave us your opinion, okay? You know we’ll be reading! 🙂

Images Source: ANIPLEX Official YouTube Channel