June 10, 2024

When we start these types of articles, where we tell you about an event we consider relevant to us, we usually say something like “there’s not much time left until…” or “it’s just around the corner” or something similar. But how could we start an article referring to something that happens ALL YEAR ROUND?

Well, here we go… I’ll try:

Hello dear otakus! Do you remember when we talked about San Diego Comic-Con, Anime Expo 2024, or Anime-Con Argentina? Besides telling you about the news and events from our beloved world of anime, manga, cosplay, etc., what do all these articles have in common? They tell you about events that happen on a specific date, and if you miss them, you’ll have to wait until the next year to attend. Well, that’s not the case with Armageddon Expo, the great annual celebration, and when we say “annual,” we mean it happens throughout the year!

Armageddon Expo: The Annual Event in New Zealand

The Armageddon Expo is a pop culture convention held in New Zealand, which began its story in Auckland on the weekend of December 2, 1995. Originally located at the Avondale Raceway, this event has grown significantly, adding venues in other cities like Wellington in 1997, and it is now the biggest fantasy event in New Zealand with over 130,000 annual attendees.

This very special event, which takes place throughout the year, is known for presenting a wide range of activities related to comics, movies, television, animation, and games, and is held at various locations throughout the year, including seasonal events like “Wintergeddon” in Auckland. The editions of this event range from photo sessions with famous guests to discussion panels and exhibition areas for collectibles and memorabilia.

Recent events have featured high-profile guests from various entertainment areas, including actors from popular series and animation experts. They are also known for interactive activities with fans, impressive costumes and cosplay, and new interactions with customers that make Armageddon Expo a standout experience for pop culture fans.

Wintergeddon, June 14th to 16th

ASB Showgrounds, Auckland, New Zealand

For the Wintergeddon event of the Armageddon Expo in Auckland this June 2024, an impressive list of guests has been confirmed. Highlights include Robert Patrick, known for “Terminator 2,” and John Barrowman from “Doctor Who” and “Arrow.” Temuera Morrison, famous for his work in “Star Wars” and “Moana,” will also be present. Additionally, animation and gaming fans will enjoy the presence of Bryce Papenbrook, voice in “Attack on Titan” and “Sword Art Online,” and Christina Kelly, known for “One Piece” and “Akame Ga Kill!“. Other notable guests include Tiya Sircar, Doug Cockle, Spencer Grammer, and many more, including voice actors from popular animated series and comic artists.

The event will also offer a variety of activities and booths, from free play zones to virtual reality areas and cosplay. There will be a specific area for tabletop games and wargaming, an arcade area, and J-pop performances, among others. Highlighted interactive events include the Spark Game Arena and the Spookers Horror Hall, ensuring a complete experience for all attendees.

Armageddon Expo in History

Over the years, Armageddon Expo has had many events and notable guest appearances. For example, in 2020, Giancarlo Esposito, known for his roles in “The Mandalorian” and “Breaking Bad,” participated, among an extensive list of other celebrities from popular series and movies like “Doctor Who” and “Star Trek Discovery.” That year also featured virtual guests in response to global travel restrictions.

In 2022, the event in Christchurch hosted guests from cult series like “Firefly” and “The Magicians,” as well as famous anime voice actors from “Pokemon” and “My Hero Academia.” The convention has not only been a meeting point for actors but also for comic artists, writers, and internationally renowned cosplayers.

One of the highlights of these events has been the variety of panels, autograph sessions, photo opportunities with stars, and interactive activities including board games, video game zones, and cosplay contests, making it a comprehensive event for pop culture enthusiasts.

Surely you don’t need more than a minute on Google to find all the info about Armageddon Expo that’s out there. For our part, we invite you to visit their official website by clicking right HERE (by the way, one of the most comprehensive pages we’ve seen on these events!), or clicking the link at the bottom of this article. And now, with all the cards on the table, you literally have no excuse not to attend Wintergeddon happening in just a few days, or the next event, or the next one. In fact, you might as well start planning your move to New Zealand, we’ll support you spiritually✊, and we encourage you to do it!

But before you start packing, go on, be good and swing by the comments to leave us your valued opinion on this proposal, because you know otaku, obviously we’ll be reading! 😉

Info & Images Source: Armageddon Expo Official Site, Reddit