June 6, 2024

This year, the upcoming Anime-Con Argentina event promises to be an exciting experience for anime, manga, and cosplay fans. There we can find everything from activities, exhibitions, and our beloved cosplay contests, to present personalities, artists in the field, and much more. If you are from the southern hemisphere of America, or if by chance you are passing through, perhaps traveling through the Southern Cone countries, you might want to stop by the Centro Costa Salguero in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in mid-August, and have one of the best experiences you could enjoy. What do you say?

The Anime-Con event in Argentina is relatively new to this environment, as it has only had two previous editions before this year. However, despite having started just recently in 2022, it has quickly revolutionized the media, becoming one of those must-attend mega-events if possible. This year, the celebration will take place at the Centro Costa Salguero, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a spacious venue on the coast of the Río de la Plata, very close to other well-known places in Palermo, such as the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires, the Embassy of the United States, the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Mariano Moreno Library, or the Japanese Garden.

Attractions and Activities

Among the different activities and attractions, we can find the following:

  • Exhibitions and Stands: The event will feature hundreds of stands, including the main brands of the anime and manga industry.
  • Gastronomy: Authentic Japanese cuisine will be available for attendees.
  • Cosplay Contests: Mega cosplay contests with significant prizes.
  • Live Shows: Presentations and live shows related to Japanese culture.

Guests and Panels

Additionally, we can enjoy the presence of various media personalities and panels related to culture, and Japanese pop culture:

  • Although this year’s schedule is not yet confirmed, we can expect artists to be present and panels related to media, as we have seen in previous editions.
  • One Piece Photo Opportunity: Attendees can feel like part of Luffy’s crew thanks to Netflix, posing alongside the Going Merry and other favorite characters from One Piece.

Anime-Con Argentina in History

Throughout the past editions of Anime-Con Argentina, the event has been a prominent platform for a series of significant announcements and the participation of special guests, which has contributed to its growing reputation as one of the top anime conventions in the country.

In previous editions, Anime-Con Argentina has featured internationally recognized artists and professionals:

  • Yuji Shiozaki, known for his work on manga such as Ikki Tousen and Godeath, has been a regular guest, offering panels and live drawing sessions.
  • Paty Acevedo, a respected Mexican dubbing actress, has participated in several editions. She is famous for dubbing iconic characters like Serena in Sailor Moon and Lisa Simpson in The Simpsons. At the event, she has offered panels about her career and autograph sessions.
  • Additionally, the convention has served as a stage for performances by Japanese bands such as I Don’t Like Mondays and Burnout Syndromes, known for their musical contributions to popular anime series like One Piece and Haikyuu.

Announcements and Revelations

  • Every year, Anime-Con Argentina has been the venue for various significant announcements related to the anime and manga industry, from new releases to future projects by artists and studios. Although the specific details of the announcements vary each year, the convention has always managed to generate anticipation and excitement among attendees.

Cosplay Contests and Exhibitions

  • Cosplay contests have been an integral part of the convention, with participants displaying impressive and creative costumes based on a wide variety of anime and manga characters. These contests not only attract large crowds but also offer significant prizes, underscoring the importance of cosplay in anime culture.

Now, with enough reasons not to miss this event for the world if you really have the opportunity, all that remains is to eagerly await August 16. And if you can’t attend in person, don’t worry! You will surely have an article right here telling you the wonders of Anime-Con Argentina 2024. Now, how about you stop by the comments and leave us your opinion on the matter? Or, if you have them, your experiences from past editions, because, you know, otaku, we’ll be reading you! 😉

Info & Images Source: Anime-Con Argentina Official Site, Infobae